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The First Mile vs Last Mile Of The Race: What To Expect During First Half Marathon

Running a half marathon is a huge victory that is on many runner’s bucket lists. And while half marathon training, many start to wonder what to expect during their first half marathon. There are countless articles giving tips and providing personal accounts of what it’s like to run that half marathon distance for the first

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To be or not to be—GUILTY

Are apologies needed when to it comes to your fitness goals? First of all, I want to apologize to my blog followers since I have fallen off the face of the virtual planet last week. Last week I got to spend lots of time with my boyfriend and his family, plus was balancing work. That

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Half marathon training week seven

I love the beginning a new month because I get excited to get some running goodies sent to me via StrideBox. My package normally arrives the second week of the month, so I felt excited about running this week. Monday, Aug. 11 was an off day filled with work and reading “If I Stay” by

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Half Marathon Training Week 5

Part of me can’t believe I am five weeks into training already, mainly because my training this time around includes more and longer runs than my first half training. This means the sore body half of me feels like I am way past five weeks, while the other ambitious runner half can’t believe five weeks

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Crazy Monkey Virtual 5K Recap

In the past, I have blogged about my excitement for signing up for a virtual 5k. I have found that even though I am training for a more concrete goal—two half marathons within 4 weeks of each other—this virtual race was a great way for me to push myself during my shorter training runs. Signing

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