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12 Week Half Marathon Training Schedule

You set the goal and signed up for the race. Now it’s time to start training in preparation for your half marathon. Here is an example of a 12 week half marathon training schedule: No matter if it’s your first, fifth or 100th half marathon, it’s important to stick to your scheduled runs in order

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Are You Ready To Race? Just Sign Up And Set That Goal

If you ever contemplate whether or not you should go for a run, just do it. You won’t regret it even if it winds up being a slow and steady jog. The same applies to when contemplating whether or not you should make that jump and go ahead and sign up for your first race.

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The Blog Hop: The Writing Process

Being asked by the awesome writer Traci Cox of the blog, marginalia to participate in the blog hop post had my fingers jumping for joy as they dancing along the keyboard to the constantly clacking of keys, music to my ears as I typed in a silent room. For those you don’t know Traci, you

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