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iPhone 6 Armband For Running!

If you are like me, then you play music when working out. Although I have ran without my tunes, I really enjoy having fast-paced music really get me into the moment, allowing me to push forward along with the beat. But holding your phone in your hand is not only annoying, but also a distraction.

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Best Running Gear This Summer

You set out for your daily run, securing your laces and getting that final stretch in. Your feet begin rise and fall, your chest mirroring this movement with each breath. Sometimes all you need to run is the desire to run. Some runners don’t even get to sprinting in shoes. Others lace up their old

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Achieve Goals By Rewarding Your Runs With Swag

Studies show that shopping for workout gear can motivate you to keep running towards your goals. The 2012 study used the term “enclothed cognition” to describe our mental changes when we wear particular clothing. If you walk down the street like a runaway in your little black dress, chances are you feel confident and beautiful,

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