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This Is What 1500 Calories Looks Like

Photo: Ashley Jenkins/ Pinterest
Photo: Ashley Jenkins/ Pinterest
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Pillsbury Pizza Bites Recipe

Now that my half marathon training is really progressing, I stay rungry. The monster inside my belly, who wants to eat everything insight, is usually not awaken until the day after a long run. But today he came out to play in full force.

So I started the morning by baking gluten-free muffins from scratch. I picked up the gluten-free mix  from Stop & Shop, and it was really easy to make. All you need is six tablespoons of butter, one cup of milk (i always make with almond milk instead) and 3 large eggs (of course I use organic, cage-free). You can add any fruit or nuts, and I used organic blueberries. They were so tasty, I am happy I have lots leftover to take for breakfast.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 8.41.30 PMSo after indulging in those, and a caramel latte, it was soon time for my long-distance run. I had no motivation today and wish it wasn’t a long run day. I also wished I ran outside instead, but got on the treadmill even though I didn’t want to, so at least that is better than sitting on the couch (which I am enjoying doing now!)

It was really hard to complete 9 mile, and wasn’t feeling like myself. There were moments I really got into the groove of things, but I was just so tired. No runner should have to be subjected to the torture of running 9 miles on a treadmill in a basement with nothing to look at. Yeah, it was really boring, but I pushed through and got it done. I did have to walk for awhile so my time sucked, but I am so happy that I planned on doing it and completed it.

So of course right after, I became so rungry. I prepared a salad to take to work tomorrow, but my boyfriend was hungry too, so I decided to make a delicious dinner for the both of us since he wasn’t in the mood for a salad.

I saw this cool recipe for pizza muffins and just had to make them. And it is so easy to make.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 8.41.45 PMAll you need is tomato sauce, cheese, a package of Pillsbury rolls and a muffin tray.

Preheat your oven to 350 degree F. Place the crescents in the muffin slots and then pour on some tomato sauce. I use organic, this time from Nature’s Promise. Then sprinkle on some cheese. I opted for lactose free shredded mozzarella from Go Veggie! . My boyfriend wasn’t a fan of the fake cheese, but still ate a few. It’s probably only because I asked, but I love it.

shreds-lf-mozzarellaBake those babies for 13 to 17 minutes. Even though I know these rolls aren’t the healthiest thing to eat, if you love the way the dough breaks apart and love pizza, these are bite-sized pieces of heaven.

I defiantly deserved it after that run!

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Simple Ways to Make Breakfast Better

// By Lauren Fischer for Discover and Play

You’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but why is it an essential way to kick-start your day? For starters, breakfast helps you refuel, providing energy for your brain to focus and body to run efficiently, says Lisa Andrews, RD and owner of Sound Bites Nutrition. Even more, a healthy breakfast can boost metabolism and help manage your weight better. Before you reach for a box of Pop-Tarts, check out this list of breakfast dos and don’ts.

Do fill up with fiber. Start your day with foods that will satisfy you for longer and prevent daylong grazing. High-fiber foods include oatmeal, whole-wheat toast, a bran muffin and fresh fruit.

Do avoid refined carbs and high-processed meats. Pastries, donuts, granola bars, bagels and breads made with white flour all pack on pounds with no nutritional benefits. Other breakfast food criminals include fatty “meats,” such as bacon, sausage and goetta, which introduce unnecessary fat, sodium, calories and chemicals into your diet.

Do include beneficial beverages. Water is a must for breakfast, since you likely haven’t hydrated during your sleep. Plus, it will give your metabolism a little boost. If you prefer some flavor, squeeze in a fresh lemon, which also brings a healthy dose of vitamin C. Coffee or caffeinated tea are also good to sip on, says Andrews. They boost metabolism and increase alertness. To keep the health benefits, avoid creamer and choose skim or 1 percent milk for added calcium and protein.

Don’t drink your breakfast. Smoothies can be loaded up with healthy fruits and vegetables, but don’t rely too heavily on them to start your day. “Solid food provides more satiety between meals,” says Andrews. The act of chewing, she says, provides a feeling of fullness, preventing you from over-indulging.

Don’t forget portion control. Incorrect portion sizes can turn a healthy meal into a high-calorie diet buster. According to Andrews, appropriate portion sizes for breakfast meals are:

  • Oatmeal: 1/2 cup, cooked
  • Eggs: 2 eggs (the American Heart Association no longer places limits on egg consumption)
  • Bread: 1 slice (which equals 1 ounce)
  • Yogurt: 6 to 8 ounces
  • Fruit: 1 cup (your daily intake should be 2 cups)

Don’t forget the powerful duo. Combining protein with complex carbohydrates will provide the ultimate energy boost, while keeping you full for longer. Some easy meal options from Andrews are:

  • Oatmeal with chopped nuts and cinnamon (which has been found to aid in blood sugar regulation)
  • Natural peanut butter on a whole-wheat English muffin or whole-grain toast
  • Scrambled eggs and low-fat cheese with spinach or salsa in a whole-wheat pita
  • Fresh fruit and Greek or plain yogurt and eggs

Lauren Fischer is a former editor at Woman’s World magazine, and has contributed to, and

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What’s For Dinner: Healthy Of-the-Sea Supper

Even if you are not running to loose weight, nutrition is very important to runners. I often will indulge in the occasional slice of pizza (this is New York!), buffalo wings, or whatever sugary dessert I can put my hands on, but I soon regret these choices before a scheduled run.

During my half marathon training, I have been mindful of what types of foods I am putting in my body. Runners need food as a form of fuel. If you are eating fried food, chances are you will feel sluggish. The last time I ate wings I continued to feel lethargic through the whole next day— making that night’s run very hard. I definitely learned my lesson!

Cleaning up my act, meant cleaning up my diet. I made sure to stock my fridge with fresh fruits (and Almond milk) so that during times I don’t feel like cooking, I can make a protein smoothies to still get the nutrients my body needs (I add Herbalife to my shakes). Boneless, skinless chicken is always on my shopping list to grill and eat alongside roasted veggies like peppers, zucchini, and squash.

Last night I came home famished beyond belief, about to start preparing healthy chicken fajitas that I had the night before. I cooked enough brown rice to refrigerate for meals throughout the week, adding just a bit to two small tortillas. I heated up some prepared cubed some grilled chicken alongside green peppers and onions, placing it on top the rice. I drizzled a little bit of hot sauce, and voila!

Since I was so pleased with this easy-to-make meal, I went ahead about to heat up the leftovers, when my mom walked in ready to make a shrimp and scallop meal.

I suggest you try this seafood meal just in time for tonight’s Sharknado 2 or to be eaten while watching Shark Week.


1 pound packaged bag of forzen shrimp

1 pound fresh scallops

1 organic tomato

1 large sweet yellow pepper

Brown rice (portion as desired) or pasta of choice (we used spaghetti)



Black olives

Italian dressing


Shrimp& Scallop dinner (with balck olives) with brown rice, tomatoes, and yellow peppers.
Shrimp& Scallop dinner (with balck olives) with brown rice, tomatoes, and yellow peppers.

My mouth watered when thinking about these sea creatures swimming their way into my stomach. She boiled pasta while cooking shrimp and scallops over the stove in a garlic and butter marinate in a saucepan. I let her work her magic, so sorry that I don’t have all the details and exact measurement. What I do know is she then put the cooked shrimp and scallops into a large bowl and threw in black olives and cubed tomatoes. She added some seasoning and Italian dressing and stirred together. She then poured this onto the pasta.

I decided to ditch the pasta and put a portion of the shrimps and scallops to the side for my plate. Instead, I went for a small portion of my brown rice and diced tomatoes and sweet yellow peppers as my fruit/veggie side.

It was such a light and satisfying meal! Although I decided to give my body the rest it needed instead of going for my run, as soon as I wiped my plate clean, I thought to myself how this was the perfect light and healthy pre-run meal.

Are you a seafood lover and have a recipe you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below!  Are you tuning into Sharknado 2 tonight? Tweet me about it tonight @newschixOxO or @nylifesupply. I plan on laughing to the movie after my run tonight!

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Cheesecake Factory Takes the Cake for Xtreme Eating Award 2014

It is no shock that eating out can lead to consuming more calories than we should. What may be shocking is that some restaurant meals have more than 3,000 calories, meaning that you could take home most of the meal and still have consumed enough calories for the day in one sitting.

In an attempt to make the public aware of the ‘fattest’ fast food meals, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has revealed the 2014 Xtreme Eating Award “winners.”

While CSPI stated that almost all the winners hit the 2,000 calories a plate mark (with some topping 3,000 calories), The Cheesecake Factory takes the cake, landing three of the nine spots on the list. The nonprofit stated that the popular mall restaurant could have easily filled the entire list.

Making room for other fat-filled options, Red Robin, Famous Dave’s, and Joe’s Crab Shack all won top spots on the list. Check out all the Xtreme-ly unhealthy meals below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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The Fancy Food Show Features 3D Treats

Held at New York’s Javits Center last week, the Fancy Food show featured the first food 3D prototype printer that created custom-made treats.

ChefJet, who featured the printed, edible sugar and chocolate, ideal for cake toppers and other baking decoration, will run consumers about $5,000 for a small counter top printer or under $10,00 for the larger versions. The printers are set to be available this year.

“Food is an incredible platform for creativity, experimentation, and celebration and we are thrilled to place these powerful 3D printers in bakers and chefs’ kitchens,” said Liz von Hasseln, Creative Director Food Products, 3DS said in an unrelated press release. “We invite leading pastry chefs, restaurateurs and event planners to join us in bringing 3D printing into the kitchen.”

Photo credit: Wild Grill Foods
Photo credit: Wild Grill Foods

But the futuristic form of food decorating wasn’t the only thing that was a must-try during the foodie event. According to the Daily News, shrimp burgers and salmon dogs from Wild Grill Foods were a hot item for pescetarian BBQs. Salmon dogs, which will cost you $7.99 per pack, come in mango and chipotle or chorizo-style flavors.

Meat-lovers could try bacon cheeseburger cheese from Yancey’s Fancy, a New York

Photo credit: Yancey’s Fancy
Photo credit: Yancey’s Fancy

cheesemaker most known for its Buffalo wing or wasabi flavored handcrafted cheese. The cheese is expected to hit stores next month.

Those who love sweets and don’t mind treating themselves to some wine can enjoy the combo with Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream. With 5% alcohol, new flavors include “Spice,” which is made with wine, and “Strawberry Sparking,” which is made with champagne. You must be at least 21-years-old to purchase a pint that will make your pocked $5.99 lighter.

Photo credit: Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream
Photo credit: Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream
Photo credit: eatKeenwa
Photo credit: eatKeenwa


For the health nuts, add more quinoa into your diet with Blake and Paul Niemann’s eatKeenwa crunch clusters that can be snacked on by itself or added to your yogurt or favorite smoothie.





What do you think will be the next food trend here in NYC? Did you check out the event? What was your favorite vendor?

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Healthy Recipe: Breakfast on-the-go Frittatas

all 2Breakfast is the most important meal because it fuels both your brain and body to work healthfully throughout the day. I am not a big breakfast person; I am rarely hungry when I wake up and need some time to slowly come back to reality my few hours in dream world. I usually need just run on Dunkin coffee until I have to urge to eat. However, I love breakfast foods and in my quest for a healthy life, I have been trying to bite down on breakfast more often.

Some mornings I am too tired to even get out of bed and wind up have to run to catch my train. Other mornings I wake up before the sunrises and go for a run before I get ready for work. Either way, I don’t have much time for make breakfast.

Recently, in Fit Nation Magazine, I found a solution to this problem. Planning and preparing your healthy breakfast beforehand can allow you to start your day off nutritiously, while still avoiding extra effort into your morning routine.

All of the recipes are easy to make and most had to ability to freeze so that you precook your meals for the entire week. This past Saturday, I decided to take my own advice and make Modern Day Moms Mini Make-Ahead & Freeze Frittatas.”

Ingredients you will need:

all ingredients

  • Muffin baking pan
  • Pam
  • 4 eggs
  • Unsweetened almond milk
  • Your favorite add-ons (spinach, mushrooms, peppers).



Set your oven for 350 degrees.

Whisk the eggs in a medium-sized bowl. The recipe calls for a pinch a salt, but instead I added a dash of pepper.

pre eggs

Dice your favorite ingredients and mix together. I used green and orange peppers, tomato, spinach, and mushroom (all purchased from my local farmer’s market).

chopped add-on Pour in ¼ cup of almond milk (the recipe uses half-and-half, but I didn’t have any and this is a healthier option) into the beaten eggs, and stir.

in muffin sheet

Drizzle the egg mix into the muffin pan (that you sprayed with Pam so it doesn’t stick when baking) about half way. Then, add in the add-on mix of your favorite veggies.


Stick in the oven and bake until the eggs become a golden color. This morning I heated up one of the frittatas by itself with some tea after my morning run, but Saturday morning I put it on a bagel with some ketchup. Store the rest in the freezer and move each one to refrigerator the night before for a quick, on-the go protein and vitamin filled meal.