Week 3 Half Marathon Training

July 14-20th:  Week three of my training proved to be the hardest yet. This was not because there was more runs or because they were longer distance. It was because I went away on vacation, making sticking to the program a huge challenge. This week consisted of missing quite a few runs. I packed for … Continue reading Week 3 Half Marathon Training


Where I’ve Been Lately…VACATION!

I might have said that I would keep posting, even though I am away on VACATION! Sorry, (but not sorry) that I have been busy relaxing and celebrating my sister's 21st birthday! Fitness wise, I have tried to get my workouts in, but adjusted my training plan a bit. I am letting myself enjoy my … Continue reading Where I’ve Been Lately…VACATION!

#SweatPink Ambassador

Happy Friday to you all! I had such a productive week, and it feels good to end the week off on a positive note. I stuck with my half marathon training plan this week, but will work on adding strength training to my routine next week.  Workwise, I got a call for some freelancing opportunity, … Continue reading #SweatPink Ambassador