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The Real Amount Of Steps Fitness Tracker Users Need Each Day

One of the first things we do when setting up our fitness tracker is setting how many steps we want to take each day. But the amount we are setting is really way off from what we need. And by that, we don’t mean increasing it to be more than 10,000. Since the beginning of

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How To Stay Motivated To Workout And Lose Weight

We have officially reached the second month of the New Year, meaning that more and more people continue to fall off the fitness bandwagon. Sure, we all make the resolution to workout more and eat less bad foods, but sometimes this is easier said then done. Go into any store right now and you will

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‘Smart Shoes’ the step in fitness tracking

It seems like are countless fitness trackers to count each mile ran and calorie burned. While some runners use Garmin watches, Nike Fuelbands, Fitbit and the laundry list of other trackers, others simply use an app on their phone that can also be used for navigation. But looking down to figure out where you are

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