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How To Lose Pregnancy Weight When You Can’t Workout Yet

Two things were working for me when it came to my pregnancy size: my height and the fact that I was in shape and active before expecting. But just because I carried well doesn’t mean that I didn’t gain pregnancy weight. In fact, I gained 32 pounds during this pregnancy. And like every other mama

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Tips To Keep Running: Running Motivation When You Really Want To Stop

On the running motivation struggling bus? Need tips to find the motivation to keep running? Well, just keep running. That is the simplest piece of advice for those who are struggling to maintain their workout regimen or make it to the end of the workout. And it’s easier said than done. But there are a

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Tips To Dealing With A Bad Fitness Instructor

One of the many reasons why I go to the gym for its fitness classes. I much rather take a spin or kickboxing class than roam from machine to machine. The good news is my gym offers lots of great classes with many great fitness instructors. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any who

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How To Find Energy To Exercise When Pregnant

Women know the importance of continuing to work out during pregnancy. But we are faced with two major problems: 1. Not having enough affordable maternity activewear options. 2. Not having the energy to exercise when pregnant. It’s hard enough to find the energy to exercise normally. Now imagine growing a tiny human. That in itself

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Caterpy Laces Saves Us From This Common Running Shoe Problem

Like many runners out there, I have a real running sneakers addiction. But this love for shoes led me to a major problem with a pair of Brooks: they just weren’t getting tied right. I know the importance of getting properly fitted for a running shoe. After just being fitted a pair before, when my

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How To Avoid Stroller Running: The Best Ways To Leave Baby Behind

If you thought running is a challenge sometimes just wait until you have to run with a stroller. Strolling running makes the run so much harder. Many runners start off stroller running post-baby when getting back to the sport is already tough. Others start when their little ones are a bit bigger, meaning extra added

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