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How To Avoid Stroller Running: The Best Ways To Leave Baby Behind

If you thought running is a challenge sometimes just wait until you have to run with a stroller.

Strolling running makes the run so much harder. Many runners start off stroller running post-baby when getting back to the sport is already tough. Others start when their little ones are a bit bigger, meaning extra added weight.

Put simply, if you think running with a baby is hard, try running with a 30 lb. toddler plus the 30 plus lb. of a stroller.

Stroller runs are slower and require much more energy to get it done. Not to mention throwing the runner off when it comes to form.

This is why we sometimes prefer to avoid running with a jogging stroller at all costs.

Photo by Ronnie George on Unsplash

Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of benefits of stroller running. I think of it as endurance training. It is harder and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It is making us stronger with each push.

It’s also a great way to bond with baby or toddler. It lets them get fresh air and allows the runner to actually get their run in. This means no finding or paying for a babysitter. It also helps the runner to lead by example and show them that fitness is important and fun.

That doesn’t mean that we necessarily look forward to stroller running. Here are the best ways to avoid running with your Bob.

Run Early, Run Late

For those who have partners, here is the time for compromise. Let them stay behind with baby while you get a run in.

This might mean waking up really early to get a run in before they need to go to work. It also means running at night once they get home.

With this comes even more challenges like lack of motivation and other scheduling conflicts. But voice the importance of running to your partner and find that time at least once a week where it can be just you and the trails. A healthy body and mind mean a healthy parent.

For this runner, I comprise to bring the jogging stroller along for weekday runs. And my solo running time was early on Saturday mornings with a local running group. This way my husband was guaranteed to not be working, and chances are they were both still in bed when I got home.


Gym Babysitting Hours For The Win

No one prefers to run inside. Especially on the treadmill for that matter.

But this is where my gym came in handy.

My gym offers babysitting hours for an additional monthly fee. This allows me to take my toddler along for classes or when just looking to get some mileage in and say the weather is bad.

This isn’t a luxury or all, but definitely worth it for those looking for a gym membership anyway. The beauty is the kiddies are just in the next room and you can get a workout in without stressing about them.

Drop Off Activities / DayCare / School

Time your runs around the child’s schedule. If they are in a sport or activity where they can be dropped off, use this time to get a run in. Since we are talking toddlers this might not realistically be an option. But doing laps at their soccer practice or in the parking lot might be better than nothing.

Some have their kids in daycare or school. While this is difficult during the summer, at least time spent in school means free time for runs for those who can. Working parents might want to try to extend their after school program or daycare for an extra hour so they can get a quick run in between work and pick up.

Find A Runner Friend

Running with a friend is way better than running solo for some. But another benefit is they understand what it takes to train for races.

Bonus if this runner friend is also a parent.

That way you two can alternate who watches the babies when trying to really get in some mileage.

I’ve even have a saint of a friend who would offer to push for half of the run with there was no option of leaving my little one behind.


Plan Ahead For Races

The runner might need to run with the stroller during most training runs, but strollers are typically not allowed during longer races like half marathons.

So to avoid not being able to attend, plan for the big day. Arrange care for the night before and the morning of with a family member, friend or babysitter.

It does take some take to race long distances plus sticking around for post-race parties so plan for enough time to be able to run baby free and then meet up with family.


Just remember that running with the stroller isn’t the worse thing in the world. It does make the runner stronger and makes running without it easier.

Just try to run around nap time for babies and toddlers who don’t like the stroller. Plan accordingly for weather such as going early or late when it’s hot out and bringing a stroller fan.

Get a windshield for gusty fall days.

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Fitscope Is The Fitness App That Livestreams Instructor-Led Classes Virtually To Any Gym

Running on the treadmill can be so boring. But what if you were able to participate in an instructor-led class that helped motivate and guide you, all on your own time from your own gym?

Fitscope is the fitness app that is making this possible.


What Is Fitscope?

Fitscope livestreams instructor-led classes that are designed to be capable with personal equipment at home and all brands of equipment like treadmills, ellipticals and rowing machines at all gyms.

The classes are all streamed directly from the Fitscope studio located in Los Angeles to the app every weekday starting at 7:30 a.m. PT.

And with its newest update, Fitscope subscribers can also download a class to watch when offline. This new feature is exciting since users no longer need WiFi or Internet connection to watch a class. This makes using the treadmill in the basement or at a gym with spotty WiFi possible.

There is also the option to chose from more than 200 classes on-demand.

The idea is to be able to train with experienced instructors while making the most out of gym equipment. Think how faster you would run with someone guiding you through it. Even the elliptical workout becomes more structured to maximize calorie burn thanks to this app.

“Our philosophy is to maximize the workout you get for the time spent, subject to your fitness level,” Fitscope founder Ed Stansfield said.

The Classes

The app is changing the way we work out alone in the gym by allowing users to take along their very own personal trainers to walk them through workouts to be done using the equipment already there at the gym.

Think of it as a virtual personal trainer that comes to your gym with you.

Subscribers get to participate in a fitness class without adding on the class upgrades at their gym. Plus there are unique workouts that typically don’t have gym classes such as those done on an elliptical.

“The majority of Fitscope’s classes are equipment-based workouts—specifically designed HIIT workouts for all brands of indoor cycles, treadmills, ellipticals, and rowing machines,” Stansfield said.


While Fitscope does include instructor-led classes that do not require equipment like Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and strength training, it’s the equipment classes that make this app stand out among the sea of others in its genre.

The most unique include the classes for the elliptical and rowing.

This includes classes like a 40-minute HIIT workout on the elliptical, as well as a 20-minute low impact workout and a workout for beginners.

There are even themed elliptical workouts like one set to 70s and one to country music.

Never did this fitness enthusiast think about following a class when on the elliptical, but I am so glad this is even an option.

The instructor walks gym-goers through what it feels like to be on a flat road with no resistance while managing breathing.

At the same time, heart rate is working during this warm-up and the athlete is then taken through how to build through resistance and how the body should feel and be working through the movements.

These classes make the workout fly by, which is great when motivation is already not that great.

The only criticism here is the choice of music for some of the workouts that made me wish I could skip to the next song.

The treadmill classes are this runner’s favorite, simply because running is my go-to activity. Now I can run at my home treadmill and feel like I am still at the gym with Fitscope.



Classes for the treadmill help add structure to my runs instead of aimlessly playing with incline and speed to combat boredom.

My only suggestion with these is having outdoor runs as well, but this is a feature the Fitscope team may expand on in the feature.

The yoga classes are another favorite of mine, done at home at my own time. Since I don’t practice too often, I prefer the structure of a class to know what moves to go into next.

The same goes for strength training classes, which I also prefer to do at home. Here I can get in a quick full today toning workout or focus on a specific part like legs or arms.

The Instructors

Part of what makes these classes work so well is the instructors that lead them. Go to any fitness class and you probably know the instructor either makes or breaks it.

There is an impressive lineup of instructors including endurance coach Antonio Rosales and Meghan Grim who is certified in barre, spin, TRX, and circuit training, and leads marathon training groups in the L.A. area.

“We look for highly credentialed and popular trainers leading classes typically at boutique fitness studios in the L.A. area,” Stansfield added. “We also know users want variety in terms of music, instructors and interval techniques, so we work with our trainers to constantly create new and different workouts.”

This even includes low-impact activities that help with mobility and strength for seniors or those coming back from an injury like Tai Chi and Yoga.

How Fitscope Works

Download the Fitscope app for iOS and Android. The user sets up their account with email and password, which allows them to also access Fitscope for the web.

Users can enter their username and add a photo for further personalization.

The app is easy to navigate, with Featured classes, all the Classes, the Schedule, and Preloaded Videos all a tap away from the bottom.

Classes are separated by activity like cycling or rowing. Tap on the activity to get the full list of classes to chose from. Tap again on a class to start.

The Schedule tab brings up the live schedule of classes for the next few days. Tap on it to join the class.


Also access the live and upcoming classes from the Featured tab, as well as most recent in each category.

Once a class is selected, there is the option to Preload or download. These appear in the Preloaded tab.

Which is better? Live stream or preloaded classes?

“For now, live workouts are primarily for frequent users who crave new material and activities daily,” said Stansfield. “The on-demand classes section of the app has extensive sorting capabilities through the ‘Filter’ button, so it’s easy to find exactly the right workout in terms of the instructor, difficulty level, duration, music genre, etc.”

Who Is Fitscope For?


Fitscope is great for those just starting at the gym and needs workout ideas that are taught by a professional. This is especially the case for strength training when gym-goers might not know proper form.

It’s also great for those who are training for a big race and need to get some miles down on the treadmill and want to beat boredom.


The app is tailored for those who are older or back from an injury with low-impact guided workouts.

It’s also for gym rats who are looking to spice things up, as well as those who want to make the most of their home exercises.

“The important thing is for the user to squeeze a workout into their busy day, so we try to make it as easy and efficient as possible,” Stansfield said.

Fitscope Studio is available for iOS and Android. It’s free to download but does require a monthly membership of $9.99.

However, That Runner Mom has teamed up with Fitscope Studio to get the app into your hands for free.

Those who are interested in trying Fitscope for themselves can use my exclusive promo code to get not one, but two months free. Just use thatrunnermom to unlock your free month.

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This Is The Hardest Part Of Running Pregnant

You set out optimistically, full of energy and ready to take on this run.

But the moment you start moving you realize the amount of effort it takes to propel the legs forward. It’s like you are running uphill even though the road is flat.

With chest out, you image your core engaged, abs covered by a round belly. Your back feels it, but you are distracted by how out of breath you already feel. You are then distracted by the feeling of a bowling ball that is sitting on your pelvis.

It takes a really long time to finally get into the groove of the run to where you are feeling good. But controlling your breathing is constant work. You don’t even want to look at your pace.

You push on and finally complete the first run in a really long time. It was slow. It was hard. It was short.

But you feel accomplished and head home to rest your now swollen feet.

This is running while pregnant.

Photo: That Runner Mom

Running already can be hard. Running pregnant can be really hard.

After really feeling like hanging my running shoes up for some time, I was finally at the point of my pregnancy where I was over my morning sickness. Instead, what has replaced is the running bug and I have been bitten bad.

I am happy to start running again more consistently, but I can’t help but feel like a beginner again. I am slow. I no longer have my speed. I no longer have the endurance.

It’s hard to not compare myself to where I was just four short months ago. I browse through my social feeds and see fit and healthy runners racing and getting in solid runs. I look back at my own running posts and envy how I looked and how I was performing. I long to be able to run fast and to race.

This is the hardest part of running pregnant: comparing performance to what it once was.

But even though it is hard both physically and mentally, pregnant runners need to remember that just getting out there and going is a major accomplishment.

We need to listen to our bodies and do what we are capable of for our health and our babies.

Instead of focusing on speed, focus on getting the run done. Slow is steady is better than not going for a run at all—even if it means intervals of walking and some jogging.

Let me remind everyone that another hardest part of running while pregnant is running. So even getting out there is a major victory.

And feeling like a beginner isn’t the worst thing. It actually is really humbling. It allows us to go back to our roots and appreciate the fitness process. Running slower means we can pay attention to form. To our stride and cadence. To our breathing.

Promise that runners will still get that endorphin boost and feel good after. And that post-run snack will taste that much better—especially when we treat ourselves.

The hardest part of being a preggo runner might be realizing that we aren’t the runner we once were, but that’s okay. But this lesson grounds us and allows us to build that foundation for when we make a comeback. We might just end up being faster, stronger and fitter post-baby.

It’s easy to compare ourselves to other runners—and pregnant runners at that—online, but our journey is unique. Take each run one step at a time.

The hardest part of running pregnant might very well become the best part of running post-pregnancy when we get to look back on the progress we made after the baby is here.


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Best Prime Day 2019 For Runners And Gym Lovers

Christmas in July is here. And it actually is raining down deals for not just one, but two days.

Today is Amazon Prime Day, and there are so many good deals that are impossible to pass up—especially for runners and gym lovers.

Prime Day and Cyber Monday are the two best shopping days of the year to get a monster deal on a Garmin smartwatch or Apple Watch to track those runs. There are also lots of deals on sneakers, apparel and other gym gear.

Let’s get right to it and bring you those deals. We will be updating throughout the next two days as more deals pop up, so make sure to bookmark this page or leave to refresh.

Best Prime Day Deals For Runners

Updated post for July 16, second day of Prime Day deals!

40 Percent Off Clif Bars

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 10.23.52 AM

Stock up on these delicious energy bars. This offer is for a 16 count variety pack of 2.4 ounces of the protein bars.

Originally $18.99, they are on sale for $11.39.

Get the Clif Bars here.

Garmin Forerunner 35 On Sale For 50 Percent Off

Retailing for $169.99, this smartwatch is available in black for only $84.99.

Get it here.

Under Armor Women’s Running Shorts

This pair is on sale for 30 percent off.

Get it here.

Maxtop Running Belt

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 10.46.46 AM

This running belt can hold water, headphones, a msarphone, gels and money. It’s super cheap for just $6.97. This makes it a great option for those who never tried a running belt yet or need a spare.

Get this deal here.


GoMarcro Organic Vegan Protein Bars

This is a lightening deal, so make to grab this one fast.

A variety pack of GoMacro protein bars are on sale. He pack of 12 is listed for $22.71. This deal ends this afternoon.

Get these protein bars here.

KT Tape Sale

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 10.31.38 AM.png

Amazon has select KT tape on sale for 20 percent off.

This includes one roll of black tape for $9.62, or recut beige for just $6.99. There is also a coupon to save 15 percent off the 3.5 inch strips for blister prevention in nude.

See all the offers here.

Save 25 Percent On BioFreeze

Biofreeze does wonders during a half or full marathon. It also is cooling for those hot summer runs. The pain relief gel is on sale for Prime Day.

Pick some up here.

Up To 50 Percent Off Garmin Watches

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 2.55.19 PM

Now’s the time to get the Garmin fēnix 5s, which is on sale for $399.99 thanks to the $200 saved.

The Vivioactive 3 is on sale with 40 percent off for $149.99. This is the model this runner uses and absolutely adores. It is a worthy buy for it’s ease of use, stats tracked and design.

See all the Garmin deals here.

Save On Nuun Sport Electrolyte Tablets

Get Nuun electrolyte tablets for close to 40 percent off.

This deal comes with a box of 4 tubes in the flavor “tropical” for just $14.99.

Buy it here.

CamelBak Water Bottles

CamelBa BPA-free water bottles are 30 percent off.

This offer is combined with other outdoor sporting gear like Marmot lightweight rain jacketsfror the fall and camping gear.

See the deals here.

Best Prime Day Deals For Gym Lovers

25 Percent Off Select Products From Nathan, Shock Doctor and Cutters

Amazon has various products from these sports brands on sale. This includes knee compression sleeves, great for weightlifting, a waist trimmer belt, and ankle brace and Nathan handheld water bottles.

See all the deals here.

Save 50 Percent Off Of Smart Scale For Body Composition

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 3.02.47 PM

This is a must have for anyone who is looking to drop weight or increase lean muscle mass. It’s the Withings Body + Smart Scale, which is WiFi compatible to bring stats right to your phone.

Track nutrition, get coaching and rewards while proving weight, BMI, and full body composition analysis.

See the deal here.

Save 20 Percent Off Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Syncing with an app, with stats compatible on the Apple Watch, this heart rate monitor is what every gym lover needs.

It’s ideal for those where wrist units aren’t ideal, such as those who powerlift.

Check out the deal here.


Up To 30 Percent Off Select Adidas Gear

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 3.13.50 PM

There is a deal on Adidas items including both men’s and women’s clothing and shoes.

Consumers can even stock up on toddler track suits on sale.

Get the Swift Run sneakers for only $59.49, or slides for only $17.47.

Shorts, tees, socks and other sports gear like gloves and soccer balls are all on sale.

Check out all Adidas sale items here.

Sale On Champion Gear

Select Champion activewear is also on sale. There are items as cheap as $5 as part of this deal.

Men’s shirts, bathing suits, socks and joggers are all on this list.

See these deals here.

40 Percent Off Under Armour Products

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 3.19.03 PM

Leggings, sports bras, men’s underwear, sandals and sneakers are all on sale by Under Armour.

Accessories like new gym bags and stainless steel tumblers are also good buys.

Check out the Under Armour sale here.

Gaiam Yoga Blocks

There is a sale on Gaiam Essentials Yoga Blocks. This set comes with two blocks for stability and balance, along with straps. It’s only $16.99.

Get this deal here.

Save 20 Percent Off TRX Gear

Not he biggest sale, but great for those looking to expand their home gym equipment. Items on sale include a spam ball and kettlebell.

Check it out here.

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Tips To Becoming A Morning Runner

It’s time to rise and shine. And for many of us, that means getting a run in is the first thing on our agendas.

Waking up early to go for a run can be extremely hard. We love to sleep. We need more sleep. So it’s really tempting to hit that snooze button and put off a workout until later.

But believe me when I say that it does get easier to become a morning runner. After getting into the routine of rising early, it becomes like clockwork.

It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take the motivation and willpower to actually leave our comfy beds. But doing so has so many benefits.

Health Benefits Of Morning Runs

For starters, the workout is over and done with.

There is a better chance that people actually get a sweat session in when doing it first thing in the morning. It’s easy to continue to put it off all day and then before you know it it’s time for bed.

We have obligations like work, school, family life, and other responsibilities. This means running gets put on the back burner. And sometimes things just happen during the day that changes our schedule. Not to mention to loss of motivation after a long day of work when the couch and Netflix sounds really good.

Another big benefit of becoming a morning runner is you will burn more calories throughout the entire day. Starting the day with a workout jumpstarts metabolism for the day. That means the body is working all day long, burning calories.

Running also does wonders for mood. The release of feel-good hormones will make any grump not morning person start their commute with a smile on their face.

It also sets you up to make healthy choices for the remainder of the day.

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

Tips To Becoming A Morning Runner

This all sounds great, but where to start?

1. Leave Your Clothes Out

Prepare in advance for a morning run the night before. Leave out clothes down to socks.

Charge your smartwatch and headphones and leave them in a spot where you won’t forget them.

Pack a gym bag with water, post-run breakfast bar or banana and a change of clothes if necessary.

Have everything ready so you can rise still in zombie mode and just get dressed and out the door.

2. Set Your Alarm—Far Away

Of course, you need to set an alarm in order to wake up on time. And for some people, like this runner, it means setting multiple ones in case we tend to snooze it still half asleep.

A good tip I learned is to set your alarm and then charge your phone away from your reach. This means you physically have to get out of bed to turn it off. And chances are once you are up, you are up.

Do this trick at the beginning of getting used to early morning rising. Then over time, you might find it’s much easier to naturally wake up at 5 or 6 a.m.

3. Run With A Friend


Accountability is key.

There is a better chance you will get out of bed if you know your friend is waiting for you.

Having a running buddy is ideal when training for a long distance race like a half or full marathon. If they are training too, both need to get the miles in. Doing it together makes those long runs that much less lonely.

But even if it’s a short run and for no big race at all, running with a friend can help get motivated to go and run before the sun.

4. Sacrifice And Sleep

While training for each of my half marathons I’ve run I opted to get my long run done on the weekend when there is more time. Even still, it meant waking up even earlier in order to be done by 9 or 10 a.m.

This meant a whole lot of sacrificing when it came to my Friday nights. Instead of having drinks, I headed to bed early.

Instead of making plans for Friday nights with family or friends, I moved these social outings for Saturday night. I knew Sunday would be a rest day and I deserved to have a glass of wine after logging in 11 miles while most people will still in bed.

Sleep is so important when having to wake up early to run. Especially when running long distance. The body needs that recovery time and rest. So make it a habit to get to bed at a decent hour.

5. Have A Planned Route

When running early in the morning, have a route planned in advance. Don’t wake up and then have to think of where to run.

Those who only have a short time before work should stick to their neighborhood. Others who wake up early enough or are close to a local park can run there. Just keep in mind parks open at sunrise and may feel sketchy when running alone.


Make the route one where you aren’t out there completely alone when it’s still dark out. This means hitting the wooded trails probably isn’t the best idea.
Invest in some safety gear just in case or always run with a buddy when it’s dark out.

6. Be Seen

This further adds to the point about being safe. Get some reflective gear so that others can see you out there.

This includes a reflective vest, headlamp, or other neon colored gear.

Get a Road ID bracelet or use a running emergency app that does things like provide loved ones with GPS-location.

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Running In The Heat: How To Survive The Sun

Running in the summer can be just as much as a challenge as running in the winter.

We might prefer sunlight and shorts over mountains of snow and layers upon layers just to keep us warm. But running in the heat brings with it a whole set of other challenges.

But there are tips to running in the heat, including how to survive in that sun that has it feeling like a sauna outside.

Hydrate, hydrate, Hydrate

The most important tip to surviving summer runs is staying hydrated.

Dehydration when running is no joke. In fact, it can be extremely dangerous. Symptoms include fatigue, cramping, dry mouth, headache and a loss of sweat after noticeably sweating.

The body needs water to function, but especially so when running. This is because it plays a major role in keeping the blood (along with oxygen and sodium) flowing to the heart and muscles.

The idea is to remain hydrated to keep everything in balance. Running in the sun and heat means sweating. Sweating means loss of sodium and water.


Losing just one perfect of weight during a run negatively effects performance by two percent. So keep water on hand in the heat.

At the same token, overhydrating is a whole separate problem. Called hyponatremia, this condition happens when the runner drinks too much water and flushes out the sodium. This can be just as dangerous as dehydration.

Take small sips through the run and use salt tabs, sports nutrition that includes electrolytes or electrolyte drinks during the run.

It’s also important to hydrate before and after the run as well.

Dress The Part

Obviously, runners shouldn’t be wearing layers when running in the heat.

However, when it comes to running under the sun, those with fair or sensitive skin might want to wear a lightweight, moisture-wicking long sleeve shirt to protect their arms. Capris instead of shorts are also another good option to protect the skin.

For those who don’t have sensitivities, think light and airy. This even means moisture-wicking socks that are breathable.

Loose tank tops are ideal for running in the heat but don’t be afraid to join the sports bra squad when it’s really hot out.

Wear a lightweight hat to keep the sun out the eyes, and running sunglasses like Goodr glasses which are a favorite brand among many runners.

main goodr
Photo: That Runner Mom

A sweatband is also a good idea.

Keep a change of clothes in the car or gym bag to get out of sweaty, wet clothes. It’s also a good idea to invest in a cooling towel. Squirt some water on it and wrap around the neck during a long run or when finishes.

Lather Up With Sunscreen

On that same note, make sunscreen a best friend.

Even those who like getting a little bronze while on their run need to use sunscreen to protect their skin. No one wants painful sunburn or too much sun which can have negative effects on the skin including the increased risk of sun cancer.

With that said, just make sure to put sunscreen on the shoulders, arms, and face and soak in that vitamin D safely.

Rise Before The Sun

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

Another great tip for surviving the summer sun for runs is to beat it. Wake up early and get that run in before the sun rises.

Try running at 10 a.m. on a hot day and the runner will never hit the snooze button when training again.

Before sunrises temperatures are milder and there isn’t that constant beating of the sun. Plus runners get to watch the sunrise and take in all that gorgeous scenery. The run is done and out of the way to be able to enjoy the rest of a summer day.

Similarly, wait until sunset to run for those who aren’t early morning risers. It might be humid and sticky, but at least there aren’t those beaming sunrays.

Don’t Push The Pace

A running friend and I attempted a short run at a local park. It was late morning, hot and humid. We were slow. Extremely slow to the point where I asked to walk twice. Mind you we were pushing strollers with toddlers and I am expecting. But I was surprised to see my super fast friend also struggle with the 2-miles we did.

This is because heat can drastically change pace.

It’s best to forget about pace and just run by the effort put in. We might’ve been running slow, but it felt like we were giving it our all and really working to keep a steady pace. And when we couldn’t take the heat, we slowed to a stroll and drank some water before resuming.

Super hot days aren’t ideal for speed work or testing pace boundaries. Just get out there and enjoy the run pressure free.

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How To Prevent Fatigue When Running

Running can be hard in its own right.

We often struggle on board the lack of motivation bus. Then once we get going we feel like we are running with flat tires.

Other times it feels easy.

It feels like the movement just flows with each limb. It’s runs like this where we feel like we can just go on forever.

But then fatigue sets in.

Nothing messes up our flow than feeling like we are too tired to go on. Especially since it takes so much inner strength sometimes to even get started.

But there are ways to prevent fatigue when running. Here are the best tips for fighting that tired feeling. 

Warm Up Before Running

The biggest mistake many new runners do is skip a warm-up.

But warming up the muscles is important to get the blood pumping and ligaments nice and loose.

Stretching and warming up helps to prevent feeling fatigued because the muscles have the time to “wake up” and get fired up.

Power Up Before And During The Run

It’s extremely important to pay attention to our diet when running. That’s because the food we consume is used as fuel.

If a runner indulges in fast food, chances are they feel sluggish, bloated and unmotivated. But healthy fresh, healthy foods helps to power the body to perform.

Think a simple carb, protein, and veggie.

It’s a good idea to eat a snack 30-minutes to an hour before a run. This gives the body enough to digest while preventing running on empty. Think a handful of nuts, peanut butter, and a banana and the like.

It’s also important to fuel during a run. But this is only for runs longer than an hour.

Experiment with sports nutrition products that work for you. All gels, sports beans, and chomps are not created equal. And some find a particular brand works better for them than others.

Great options include Kramp Krusher energy chews because they have electrolytes via natural sea salt that help keep the runner hydrated. Its formula prevents muscle cramping caused by lactic acid build up and aids in recovery. All while providing the glucose needed to get through a long run.

All these factors help prevent fatigue during a long run. The body needs glucose in order to continue to power through and continue to run. Make sure to always incorporate both water, sports drinks and nutrition for those long runs.

Learn Your Pace

Runners should push themselves when it comes to their pace every so often. Intervals are great ways to increase speed and overall average pace.

But runners shouldn’t overexert themselves too much throughout the duration of the run. This only leads to major fatigue.

Instead, learn what your pace feels like. This should be a relatively comfortable pace with room to speed things up without feeling like death.

Most runners start off too fast and burn out over the course of their mileage. Start slow and steady and aim to have the second half, especially the end of the workout the fastest.

Get Enough Sleep

It’s important to get enough sleep when consistently running.

The muscles need time to recover, which is why resting is super important.

Aim to get seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Also, try to get in a nap on days of a long run.


Don’t Run Or Race Back-To-Back

On those more intense runs make sure to take the following day as a recovery day to not overuse the muscles.

Instead, cross-train by strength training or doing other beneficial exercises like yoga.

Strength training further builds up the muscles and increases overall fitness, which will help combat muscle fatigue while running.

Also racing back-to-back isn’t always the best idea. This can lead to fatigue or an injury when exerting the muscles too much. However, there are many runners who successfully run a 5k then a 10k or half marathon the following day.

A good rule of thumb is to “race” one and “just run” the other one for fun.

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This Is What It’s Like To Do Mommy And Me Yoga

With a toddler I often find myself doing a whole lot of OMMMM and Woosha breathing techniques throughout any given day. I also find myself getting into poses like reaching down to pick up toys and curling up in fetal position to avoid getting kicked in my sleep.

But in all seriousness, although the times I practice yoga is few and far in between, for some reasons real yoga poses have stuck with my son.

He already has mastered downward facing dog, a common one I have done in front of him (in which he tends to do when watching his shows on my phone when on the floor).

This is why when a free mommy and me yoga session was being held at a fitness event I just had to try it with my toddler.


Yoga Expectations vs Reality

I expected his attention span to be that of a 2-year-old but was pleasantly surprised at how well he paid attention, listened and followed instructions.

My expectations were that he would half listen and I would help him through movements.

I also expected that I would be doing a lot more yoga myself than I did.

In reality, it was more about guiding my toddler and interacting with him with getting a few poses in.

But I was not disappointed. I have rolled out my yoga mat to get some stretches and poses in at home, but in no way shape or form consider myself a yogi. I do think my son has watched me and already picked up on some of the poses which helped in the class.

This is what is it really like to do mommy and me yoga

For starters, it wasn’t stressful like I thought it might be.

I wasn’t chasing him to get back onto the mat or shhhing him to not break everyone’s zen.

Mommy and me yoga was peaceful, fun, and great bonding activity. I got to share my passion for health and fitness with my son presented in a unique and engaging way.

I think it really has to do with the child and the type of yoga class offered. This class was offered by Yoga Peace Kula, which is a nonprofit yoga studio located in Howell, NJ during the Healthy Mom, Happy Mom event put together by Mother Runner Events and Jersey Stroller Moms.


The event was to get local moms to meet other local moms while focusing on well-being, both body and mind.

We were outside at Oak Glen Park, sun warmly smiling down as little ones sat on yoga mats eating cold ice cream on the hot summer day.

The class began and was focused more on the children. The friendly instructor taught the kids how to breathe deeply using pinwheels. They were instructed to smell it like a flower, breathing in through their nose and to blow out to make it move with their mouths.


Then we did some poses, using music and dancing. The little ones were showed how to stand tall in Tree Pose and be strong in Warrior.


This wasn’t done at the studio so it’s hard to tell how much actual yoga is done when taking a full class. I did get to do all the poses alongside my toddler, leading him through them.

I got to witness him really being present and listening to the instructor. He had fun dancing and reaching up high to the sky.

The best part for me and a mom was to encourage a healthy activity, showing that exercise is fun–even though I didn’t really work up a sweat or stretch as much as I would like to.

I absolutely recommend mommy and yoga classes to do with your toddler to promoting that active and healthy lifestyle and doing something together.

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From Couch-A-Holic to Gym-a-Holic: There’s an Apple Watch App That Will Help You Get Moving

The great thing about an Apple Watch is it doesn’t judge.

It doesn’t disparage. It doesn’t yell at you for being over-worked and under-exercised or for slipping up and throwing yourself out of ketogenesis with a full-on doughnut binge after a bad break-up.

What it does do is motivate.

Even the most sedentary individual can get psyched to get moving more by investing in an Apple Watch.

The way Apple Watch does this is through striking visual features built into every app that are like victory flags placed every meter you master toward the finish line.

The right apps can play a crucial role in reminding you to keep up with healthy routines. You can set individual goals whether you want to drink more water, take breaks from work, take meal replacement shakes, improve your sleep etc.

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 3.47.04 PM

Now some fitness application works with most of the gym equipment so you’ll get the data from the treadmill or exercise bike you use at your local gym.

Let’s look at the best fitness apps on the Apple Watch that can help you get motivated, get moving, and make some significant strides toward a fitter you.

Apple Activity App

The best app for sedentary individuals who want to get more active is Apple’s Activity App. It’s build right into the Apple Watch—no need to download.

Apple’s Activity App is intended to be a very straightforward Behavioral Intervention Tool. It’s designed to help you make healthier decisions like stand more, sit less, and get moving.

It does this through blue, green, and red activity rings that activate once you start doing any one of these things—your goal? Meet the daily requirement for standing, and you “close” the blue ring.

Meet your daily goal for moving? Close the red ring? Meet your daily exercise goal and you close the green ring.

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 3.47.23 PM

Complete all three rings and the circles explode in a pretty glittering meteor-shower kind of party on your watch face that let’s you know you’ve done good today.

And Apple Watch wearers become OBSESSED with closing these rings. And it doesn’t take much to close them when you first begin using the app. Simply stand one minute out of every hour 12 hours a day and you close your blue stand ring, for example.

If it gets to be about 2 o’clock in the afternoon and you haven’t moved much, Activity will give you a gentle reminder saying, “Your move and exercise rings are usually further along by now.”

So this is the best fitness app for sedentary individuals who want to become obsessed and stay obsessed with getting moving.

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 3.48.36 PM

5K Runner: Couch Potato to 5K

If you want to get off the couch and get running long distances, there’s no better app to motivate than 5K Runner.

This app helps you progress slowly from plain old walking, to walking then running, to jogging, and then full out running, moving you slowly and safely toward longer running distances.

It’s not only a great motivator, constantly congratulating you on your progress, it’s also the most trainer/doctor approved method of going from taking a completely sedentary person and turning them into a long distance runner!

The app provides a two-month program, slowly progressing you from short walks to long walks, then walk runs to jogs, promising to get you from 1 to 5K in 8 short weeks.

Highly recommended for the lazy and unfit who want to get healthy in 2019.

Runkeeper: When you’re ready for Running

With the Apple Watch Series 3’s built in GPS, you don’t have to take your phone with you to track all aspects of your run (or walk) – or to take a phone call either.

After 20 walks or runs with your phone, the Apple Watch will be able to track your speed, distance, and how close you are to completing your run goal for the week.

If you complete your goal, you get a big, golden trophy cup to reward you for your hard work! You can also set 5K or 10K challenges and you and your friends can compete to see who brings home the win first.

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 3.49.58 PM
You can then upgrade to the Pro version of the app, and get more personally tailored motivation via messages geared to psyche you up to run more, run harder, and achieve new levels of accomplishment.

Strava: Build Slowly Toward Biking to Win

If you want to start biking more and logging longer rides, you’ll love Strava.

Strava is highly motivational, making biking fun and competitive. Strava pits you against other cyclers in races to see who gets to the finish line first.

What Strava does that is unique is to track your bike rides and then set you up against yourself, your friends, or strangers who have completed the same course.

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 3.51.00 PM

It’s a great way to motivate yourself to achieve a new personal best and get on the bike more often.

When you finish, Strava gives you stats on every aspect of your ride imaginable from highest speed achieved to your performance rating compared to other cyclers and your own previous rides.

About Gerry:
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Gerry Morton holds an MS in Nutrition and is an experienced athlete who has competed in numerous marathons and Ironman triathlons. He is lead educator for Greens Plus, an industry leader in superfood products such natural energy bars and green superfood powders since 1989. Gerry is an expert on the subjects of nutrition, peak performance, motivation, entrepreneurship, and empowerment. Read the Greens Plus blog at
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