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Finding Your Soul At SoulCycle

It might be rest day for some, but Sunday was all about working up a sweat for me. After taking my first SoulCycle class and loving the experience, I am committing myself to take at least one class per month. So taking my SoulCycling obsessed sister (seriously she goes 5 times a week), we reserved

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The Power Behind New Workout Clothes

There is nothing like the power a new outfit provides. Sporting a brand new ensemble immediately boosts confidence. You then spend the day strutting your stuff (in style) proudly. Suddenly you are ready to tackle the day and feel good doing so because you feel good about yourself. Now this same mentality applies to workout

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Exercise Promotes Healthy Tummy

We all know that regular exercise (and healthy eating) will cause you to have a tight tummy, but new research revealed that exercise also promotes a healthy gut. They study by researchers at University Cork in Ireland that was published June 9 in the journal Gut found that exercise could increase the diversity of bacteria

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