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Toast To The Weekend With These Pirate-Themed Cocktails To Celebrate ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’

Summer screams fun in the sun, and what would an outdoor party be without the drinks? Now you can toast to the good life while celebrating after checking out the new Pirates of the Caribbean film that is now in theaters. Released on May 26, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales has

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How To Make Frosé, The Frozen Wine Slushie For The Summer

You might never need a reason to pop the cork, but now that summer is around the corner, wine lovers might want to whip up a wine concoction that provides all the boozy goodness while keep you cool in the hot sun. Look no further than this frosé recipe, an easy-to-make drink that will be

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Here’s What Is Really In Starbucks’ Unicorn Lemonade

It was all sparkles and Instagram fun when it came to picking up Starbucks’ limited-time Unicorn Frappuccino during the end of last month, but just because it looked magically delicious (despite many criticizing it for how bad it really tasted) didn’t mean that it magically healthy. While I am a firm believer in all things

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5 Ways To Cure A Hangover In Your Late 20s

No matter how young you are at heart, there comes a time when we all realize that our bodies can no longer hang. It might’ve easy to gulp down shot after shot, then magically shake the hangover the next morning after a bacon, egg and cheese and some Gatorade in our early 20s. Then all

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Your Recipe Guide To Healthy Super Bowl Snacks and Drinks : T-Lounge : Tech Times

Besides the commercial, the food is my favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday. But you don’t have to sacrifice your diet or healthy eating to enjoy the snacks and drinks. Here are some healthy spins on the traditional foods. Your Recipe Guide To Healthy Super Bowl Snacks and Drinks : T-Lounge : Tech Times.

Healthy Barbeque Behaviors

The 4th of July might as well be national barbeque day. Commemorating Independence Day usually means hot dogs, hamburgers, beers, sun, and time spent with family and friends. While we should all enjoy ourselves this holiday weekend, it is important to consider our health to make sure that we are well enough to continue celebrating

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Drinking Diet Soda Linked to Lost Weight

Research has found that drinking diet soda doesn’t help soda lovers lose weight, but rather increases sugar cravings, putting people at risk to pack on more pounds. However, the soda industry backed a study that found that diet soda drinkers lost unwanted weight more quickly than those who gave up the sugary poison. Funded by

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Just add water: Powered alcohol approved, then unapproved

American culture is known for its laziness and overindulgent nature. Our society glorifies wild parties and lifestyle behaviors that are supposed to be fun— filled with drugs, alcohol and sex— in the media as a marketing ploy aimed at teens. Take for example the marketing scheme e-cigarette companies have been using to get teenagers to

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