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The Disney Princess Half Marathon Really Is A Magical Race

Finishing a half marathon makes runners feel like a superhero. And when doing so in the most magical place on Earth, it’s hard not to feel like fearless, magical and like a princess. The Disney Princess Half Marathon really is a magical race. And after just completing it, with the swoosh of her wand, this

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Disney Princess Half Marathon Is One Month Away: Here’s Why (And How) I Already Feel Ready

In exactly one month I will be transformed into a regular Disney fan to a Disney Princess Half Marathon finisher. And I already feel ready.     The thing about half marathon training is it really flies by. With what seems like the flick of a wand, it’s magically the last 4 weeks of a

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This Is What It Feels Like To Sign Up For The Disney Princess Half Marathon

I can barely hold my excitement in. I am about to bust as my grin grows Cheshire cat in length. I am screaming in happiness on the inside to not wake my sleeping toddler who is on my chest. My fingers are twirling along through the registering form. “Thank you for registering.” Reading this feels

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