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This Shrimp Recipe Will Be The Quickest, Yet Tastiest Dinner You Make All Week

Craving something home cooked that is quick as getting fast food? Then you have to try this recipe. Between all the craziness during the week, there’s always that night when you don’t have the time or maybe just not the energy to make dinner. This shrimp dish is so easy and fast to make that

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Sweet Potato Noodle And Thai Peanut Shrimp Recipe

I love to eat healthy, but often get bored of the same few go-to dinner dishes I always cook. And with a baby always needing me the second I get hungry myself, making quick and easy recipes are a top priority. That’s when I decided to take out my Spiralizer again, this time switching up

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Portobello Mushroom Dinner

Staying healthy means having the proper mix of diet and exercise. Running always seems effortless when my body is fueled by the proper nutrients, so before tonight’s run I decided to cook a healthy stir-fry so I could eat clean before I trained mean. Growing up, I was a very picky eater. But over time,

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Thursday Taco Dinner

When people inquire about my unique food preferences—such as my favorite meal,cheese & tomato sandwiches—they predictably allows says, “Oh, you’re a vegetarian.” Though I have dabbled in a diet sans meat, my love for fish and chicken always has be coming back for a bite. “No, I just eat chicken and fish,” I routinely reply.

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What’s For Dinner: Healthy Of-the-Sea Supper

Even if you are not running to loose weight, nutrition is very important to runners. I often will indulge in the occasional slice of pizza (this is New York!), buffalo wings, or whatever sugary dessert I can put my hands on, but I soon regret these choices before a scheduled run. During my half marathon

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Healthy Dinner Recipe: Sweet-Peppered Lime Chicken

After eating healthy all day, or coming back from your evening workout, it is important to finish the day off nutritiously—without sacrificing the taste (so that you keep eating healthy and don’t give into cravings!). While it might be easier to eat healthy for breakfast and lunch (yogurt and a banana & salads), by dinnertime

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