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From Couch-A-Holic to Gym-a-Holic: There’s an Apple Watch App That Will Help You Get Moving

The great thing about an Apple Watch is it doesn’t judge. It doesn’t disparage. It doesn’t yell at you for being over-worked and under-exercised or for slipping up and throwing yourself out of ketogenesis with a full-on doughnut binge after a bad break-up. What it does do is motivate. Even the most sedentary individual can

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Couch To 5K: Should You Download The App?

With the start of a new year, it seems like just about everyone sets goals to be healthier. Whether you vow to start on your health and fitness kick on January 1, or a day (or few after) once you polish off the rest of the holiday goodies and binge watching Netflix, it can be

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