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This Mom Uses Gummy Cuties To Solve Picky Eater Toddler Problems

“How is his diet,” a fellow mom of a 3-year-old asked? This was the start of the same conversation that came up multiple times at a recent toddler birthday party. Us moms reminisced about the times when our kids ate healthy meals filled with fresh vegetables sautéed, pureed or served raw.  In fact, my son

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Teach Toddlers About Running With ‘Ready, Set Run!’ eBook Release

My followers might already know that I am expecting a baby in exactly one month! But I have also been hard at work on another baby of mine: my first children’s book. It’s been so hard to keep this all to myself. I have only to perfect everything from the illustrations created by the talented Mariya

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When Can A Baby Have Juice? Pediatricians Now Advise To Wait After They Are 1

Once your baby starts eating solids, many parents might be wondering when it’s okay to start giving them something to drink other than formula or breast milk. But even though your pediatrician might say a little water is fine, that doesn’t mean that they should also drink a little juice. According to new guidelines from

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Owlet Announces Connected Care Platform For Early Infant Illness Detection

If you have been on the fence as to whether or not to invest in the Owlet baby monitoring system, let me help you make up your mind: buy it. Now is the perfect time to do so because the company just launched the Owlet Smart Sock 2, the second generation of its popular baby

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Pizza Is A Main Contributor In Childhood Obesity

Kids love pizza. But eating pizza could really be slicing into children’s overall health, becoming a main contributor in childhood obesity. Between the years 2009-2010, one in five children and about one in four teens in the U.S. had pizza. According to a new study reported by Lisa M. Powell, PhD, those kids and teens

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Get “Creatively Fit” with Animal Motions!

By Melissa Pilgrim Being active at an early age helps to develop healthy lifestyle skills for staying active later in life, which is important to having an overall healthy life. Being creative at an early age helps to develop imagination and the ability to dream of what one can do or become later in life,

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