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Cadenshae Activewear Review: The Nursing Sports Bra I Can’t Workout Without

Those who have been or are pregnant know that cute, comfortable and affordable activewear is a rare commodity. But the fitness apparel company Cadenshae is changing the game by finally giving us what we want and need: workout clothes that are fit for our changing bodies. The activewear brand sells various items that include nursing

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What It’s Really Like Post Repeat C-Section

Deciding to face a second cesarian section was a difficult one, especially for an indecisive person like myself. I have no regrets regarding my decision, not to VBAC and have a healthy and thriving newborn. I knew what to expect going in, which made the experience overall even more positive, less nerve-wracking, and at times,

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Can You Use Salicylic Acid When Breastfeeding?

There are some expectant mothers who are blessed with the clearest skin while pregnant, while the change in hormones causes others to be cursed with acne. But now that your baby is born, you might be wondering if it is now safe to use salicylic acid—especially if you are breastfeeding. What Is Salicylic Acid? If

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How To Get Rid Of Newborn Gas And Hiccups

As a first time parent, one of the most scary things is that inevitable day when your baby gets sick for the first time. And nothing is more scary than having a late fall/winter baby when flu season is in full swing. While my little bundle of joy is healthy as can be, I have

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