Crazy Monkey Virtual 5K Recap

In the past, I have blogged about my excitement for signing up for a virtual 5k. I have found that even though I am training for a more concrete goal—two half marathons within 4 weeks of each other—this virtual race was a great way for me to push myself during my shorter training runs. Signing … Continue reading Crazy Monkey Virtual 5K Recap


#SweatPink Ambassador

Happy Friday to you all! I had such a productive week, and it feels good to end the week off on a positive note. I stuck with my half marathon training plan this week, but will work on adding strength training to my routine next week.  Workwise, I got a call for some freelancing opportunity, … Continue reading #SweatPink Ambassador

Summer Running & the Attack of the Mosquitoes

I have learned this week that things don’t always go according to plan. I also learned that this is okay and sometimes we just have to enjoy life. I was not able to run on Monday, and Tuesday I was out sick, so I was dying to finally get out of work yesterday and enjoy … Continue reading Summer Running & the Attack of the Mosquitoes

Life Lessons: Embrace Your Inner Child

Work hard, laugh harder. We all want to be happy. Have you ever watched children playing? Hear the sounds of their infectious laughter, high pitched giggles that make their seemingly permanent smiles contagious? Today I woke up happy. I woke up early with one thought on my mind: running. I find myself thinking about going … Continue reading Life Lessons: Embrace Your Inner Child

Weight-Loss Not a Success for Shape

A healthy-living blogger did not have the right kind of shape for the fitness magazine. Brooke Birmingham, 28, claims that Shape magazine tried to censor her bikini body “after” photo that triumphed her weight loss because of loose skin shown around her stomach. Birmingham began documenting her weight loss story in 2009, on her blog, … Continue reading Weight-Loss Not a Success for Shape