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Beauty Tip Tuesday: Concealer Tricks

I have always loved makeup and doing hair and makeup because it makes me feel girly and beautiful. I am always on #teamnomakeup and most days go without wearing any. I still struggle to match my winged eyeliner perfectly on both eyes (it’s impossible!) and am far from being a professional makeup artist. Still, learning to properly put on makeup is easy to do.

One of my makeup essentials I use when I do apply is con sealer. Seriously, this is my ultimately life savor because I do tend to suffer from breakouts and nothing feels worse than having a red blemish on your face. Not only does concealer well, conceal zits, it also hides dark circles and helps highlight your face so that your bone structure is that of a model.

Here are my concealer beauty tips.

1. Apply Foundation First

If you plan on wearing a full face of makeup, than apply your foundation first, then concealer. If you put the concealer first, the foundation will just wipe it away.

2.  Properly Hide Acne

To hide my blemishes, I use Bare Minerals cream concealer. and concealer brush. Drab the brush into the cream and blot onto zit, blending as you go. Don’t cake on too much product if your plan on putting on foundation. Cream concealers are thicker and have less oil so they will last longer, covering up that zit all day.

3. Cover bags under the eyes

My face sometimes gets puffy under the lids, giving me those bags that look like I haven’t slept in week. To cover this extra baggage, draw on a triangle instead of a line under your eyes. Start my sweeping a liquid concealer (mine is from Clinique) under the eye in a thin line. Then draw two dangle lines, forming what looks like a ini pizza the length of your nose. Put three or so lines sideways inside the triangle. Blot and blend together with a sponge. This will make your eyes look lifted.

4. Concealer Trick For Eye Makeup

Concealer also helps eye makeup stay in place without having product crease up in the crease of your eyelid. If you don’t have eye shadow primer than using concealer is the next best bet. Drab on liquid concealer on the lip and blend in with finger before putting on shadow.

Remember to always use a concealer that is lighter than your skin tone so that it hides and highlights these areas.

[PHOTO CREDIT: Joanne Saige Lee/ Flickr]

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Beauty Tip Tuesday: How To Blow Dry & Style Hair At Home

The “Beauty Tip Tuesday” is a new weekly series that will feature easy, diy tips you can do at home. No professional experience necessary! If you have a beauty tip or would like to write a guest post about your tip, email

I never had model worthy hair. I was born with curly, blonde hair that turned brown and wavy before I was able to walk (I was a crawler!) In middle school, I didn’t know how to style my weird hair, and even had a really bad short Meg Ryan inspired haircut at age 10 that was probably the biggest mistake of the adolescence.

In high school, I was part of the hair straightening trend that consisted of using mom’s laundry iron. Over the years, I have learned to semi-master my hair styling, but years (one bad bleach job) left my hair dry. Now I finally have healthy, long locks and you can too.

Usually I wear my hair in curls. It has become my signature look and I love it. When curling my hair, I skip the blow drying so I don’t over cook my hair.

Instead of straightening my hair, I opt to blow dry it for  more volumuous look. Here are my tips for blow drying and styling your hair at home.

1. Heat Protection

Using any hair tool will cause damage to your hair, so always use a heat-protecting spray before drying. (I use TREemme Kertain Smooth from drugstore.)

2. Section Your Hair

Always break your hair up in sections so that the heat goes to the hairs you are styling, while others don’t fly everywhere and get tangled. My hairstylist recommends starting with the top layers and bangs because your arms get tired towards the end and these are the sections everyone sees. Style your bangs on top layers, and then I clip up my hair and start from the bottom, releasing layers of wet hair on top as I go.

3. Use The Nozzle

Make sure you always use the concentrator nozzle that comes with your hair dyer. It helps direct the air and make it smooth and straight. Use a roll brush ( a boar bristle brush) and start with closet to the roots. Point the nozzle down and slowing pull the hair straight while rolling the ends. You can also go over the end upwards for a flip or roll the brush sideways for loose bounce.

4. Use Oil To Finish

Once your hair is dry and  bouncy, apply an oil serum or spray to the ends for added shine and moisture. I used to always avoid this because I hate a greedy look, but oils help contain frizz and decreases dryness. Apply a small drop in your hand and smooch your hands together. Brush your fingers in your ends and work your way you. Avoid your roots. (I use Organix Moroccan Argan Oil $7 local drugstores) This step will also keep your blowout last longer.

Happy styling!

After getting my hair styled at the salon:

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 7.19.37 PM

At home:

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 7.17.52 PM

Another dyi:

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 7.18.19 PM

Christmas Eve blowout from home:

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 7.17.26 PM

[PHOTO CREDIT: eiko/ Flickr]

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What is a Normal Body? Miss Indiana USA Proud of Hers

Sunday night’s Miss USA pageant’s Miss Indiana did not take the crown—or even make the top 10—but she did become a winner via headlines and social media for her “normal body.”

Miss Indiana USA Mekayla Diehl made it is far as the top 20, but Twitter, other social media sites, and plenty of websites and news stations have showed the brunette bombshell working the stage in her white swimwear number (all contestants wore the same). She was praised for looking more like the every day female, and not the stick-thin model that has been traditionally favored as a beauty queen in the media.

“I worked hard on my body without obsessing over being too skinny and I couldn’t be more proud,” Diehl tweeted.The 25-year-old knockout with killer curves is 5-foot-8 and wears a size 4. Diehl took to twitter to say that, “’Normal’ is just an opinion and I admire anyone who lives a healthy lifestyle. Just be confident in your own skin is all I ask.”

Normal is just an idealized, subjective opinion. The media shows us that a size 0-2 is normal. Diehl herself is a size 4, which is still a smaller size than the “average” American girl. However, she flaunted her curves with class and pride, showing women that there is nothing wrong with having a little junk in the truck. Her toned midsection showed that fit and healthy is sexier that stick-thin any day.

What are your thoughts about Miss Indiana?  What does this message teach younger girls? How you define a “normal” body?

“Normal” to me means being a healthy weight for your age and height. What is lean or fit to you maybe mean a different size for someone else’s body type. Don’t stress over sizes and focus more on being overall healthy! We are all beauty queens—no matter what size you wear. Don’t let a number define you!