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The 5 Best GU Energy Gel Flavors For Runners Reviewed

When running long distance, it is extremely important to fuel the body so that it doesn’t run out of gas. Some runners opt for sports drinks, a banana, pretzels or even candy, others are fans of gels. And while there are a few popular gel makers on the market, GU Energy Gels are fan favorites.

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I Just Signed An Endorsement Deal With Brooks Running, And You Can Too

It’s the first Wednesday in June, and that means it’s the annual day to celebrate our love for running, better known as Global Running Day 2017. And to get things kicked off, Brooks Running revealed it would be making a major announcement via Facebook Live this morning. For those who didn’t tune in, Brooks Running

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Exercise Promotes Healthy Tummy

We all know that regular exercise (and healthy eating) will cause you to have a tight tummy, but new research revealed that exercise also promotes a healthy gut. They study by researchers at University Cork in Ireland that was published June 9 in the journal Gut found that exercise could increase the diversity of bacteria

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