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How To Fit Exercise Into Your Daily Tasks

The most common thing people say is that they don’t have time for exercise. But it’s easy to fit exercise into daily tasks throughout the day.. Sure, it would be great if we could give ourselves the gift of time. With just an extra hour each day, we would promise to completely dedicated to our

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Neck Pain When Doing Crunches? Here’s What To Do

Abs might be made in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to work out these muscles. But one of the most common complaints about doing crunches is experiencing neck pain when working out our core. So how do we fix it? Experiencing neck pain when getting in ab work means that we

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A Short Workout Is Better Than None

I have to admit that I haven’t been the best runner last week. I had a blast after my St. Patrick’s Day 5k, but after that, I just seemed to loose my mojo. My body was just dying for a break, my long days having me yearn for more sleep. What’s worse is all I

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Rest Day Workout: To Run Or Not To Run?

If you are thinking about whether or not to run, then you should run! So, today was supposed to be a rest day. However, I had some extra afternoon free time and lots on my mind, so I just couldn’t resist a short run. Now rest days are really important during any training. Your muscles

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Oscar Worthy Body

These Oscar worthy workouts will tone you head to toe so you can walk your every day red carpet looking like a strong leading lady. By: Lauren Keating These Hollywood A-listers worked emotionally hard on their soul baring roles, but they also work out physically to get those much-deserved bodies. These exercises are easy to

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