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Sparta Rev It Up 10k Race Recap

This weekend was all about running, having not one, but two races planned. First up was the Rev up Up! 5k/10k located in Sparta, New Jersey. I adjusted my half marathon training plan accordingly so that I wouldn’t be missing my mileage by swapping out this week and the week before, which recommended running a

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Virtual Race 10K Snow Day Run

I am so over this winter weather and all the snow. But I must say that it looks gorgeous outside my backyard, blankets of fluffy whiteness tucking tightly onto tree branches. I am so tempted to go outside and run in the snow, but decided to stay nice and warm inside. That doesn’t mean that

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Top 5 Ways to Keep on Running

Feeling run down? Use these tips to start up your running again By: Lauren Keating Every runner knows how great is feels to shed their worries—and unwanted weight—by hitting the pavement. Your mind wanders off in a state of bliss, while paradoxically, your body is being pushed to its physical limits. While there are a

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