Beach Photography Vacation Photos

Hey readers and followers! Just came back from the most relaxing vacation. This time we headed back to Florida but skipped Orlando to instead check out West Palm Beach/ Riviera Beach. It was so calm and beautiful—the perfect vacation to spend quality time before my family of three becomes a family of four in the … Continue reading Beach Photography Vacation Photos


Healthy Kids Running Series Is A Great Way To Create Tiny Runners

On a warm spring morning families gathered on the freshly cut grass that soon filled up with a sea of white jerseys. The multi-color flags that lined down the field perpendicular blew in the wind, as little ones flew on by down the designated path it created. They were getting there practice in, overly excited … Continue reading Healthy Kids Running Series Is A Great Way To Create Tiny Runners

What To Do If You Get Lost Or Injured While Hiking

“It’s that time of year where we all want to be outside, soaking in the sun and sucking in the fresh air. That means it’s the perfect time to hit the trails and go for a nice hike. Depending on a person’s experience, this could be anything from two to three miles on at the local park’s trails to longer treks through nature for the seasoned adventurer. But regardless of experience level, all hikers should know what to do if you get lost or injured while hiking.”

I Am Strong, I Am A Woman

Today is International Women's Day, a day to celebrate and acknowledge all the powerful females in our lives and who have paved the way for us in education, careers, and sports. It also is a reminder of our own self-worth and strength as a woman. Women are extraordinary people. We are master jugglers, managing our homes, … Continue reading I Am Strong, I Am A Woman

Running Inspired

It is hard at times. At other times, it feels effortless. Running is more than a workout activity. It's a journey. With each step, we walk towards becoming a better version of ourselves physically and mentally. It takes baby steps, but soon you might find how freeing it feels to spread those grounded wings of … Continue reading Running Inspired

Taco Tomatoes Are The Low-Carb Trick You Need To Try

Let’s talk tacos. Tacos are one of my favorite foods. I love tacos so much I even ran a taco-themed 5k race this fall. Exploding with flavors, it is a go-to quick and easy dinner to make during the week. I switch it up to sometimes do beef, other times turkey and always have the … Continue reading Taco Tomatoes Are The Low-Carb Trick You Need To Try