Author: Lauren Keating

Maternity Photoshoot Coming Soon!

Can’t wait to share the photoshoots I had to celebrate this pregnancy! I didn’t take photos when I was pregnant with my son, so am so happy I decided to capture this moment in time forever this time around. We broke it up to include two different settings and sessions. Will share them soon! Advertisements


Garmin Releases Solar Powered Fenix 6, But I’m Keeping My Vivoactive 3—For Now

A new Garmin running watch hit the shelves, this time impressively being solar powered. But this runner isn’t retiring my Garmin Vivoactive 3 for an upgrade just yet. Garmin released last month not one, but four new smartwatches for athletes: the Fenix 6, Fenix 6S, Fenix 6X, and Fenix 6X Pro Solar. The first three

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Esophageal Cancer Awareness 5k Review: View From A Volunteer And A Runner

There are charity 5k races held for just about every kind of cancer. But there has yet to be one held in New York City for one of the fast-growing ones in the U.S.—until now. Saturday, September 14 marked the first annual Esophageal Cancer Awareness 5k. Held in Marine Park, Brooklyn just about 50 runners,

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FitTrack Is The Smart Scale That Is More About Being Healthy Than Weight Loss

Stepping on a scale is a scary thing. I don’t care if you are super fit and healthy or looking to lose weight. But FitTrack is a smart scale that makes me actually look forward to using one. Call me crazy, I know. But I focus much more on the other insights FitTrack provides me

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Why I Ditched My Running Belt For A Hydration Vest

After a few half marathons under my belt, it was hydration belts that were my go-to for my water and storage needs. I had gotten my toes wet with a running pack with bladder, but it wasn’t until I started using a hydration vest that I was fully converted. I decided to ditch my running

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Brooks Brings New Running Shoes To You Within 24-Hours

Brooks is bringing new running shoes to customer’s feet—or should we say in customer’s hands—with its newly launched delivery partnership. The running shoe and apparel company launched its new same-day delivery service on Thursday to 10 lucky markets including New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Seattle. To bring new running shoes in just 24-hours to its

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Running Schedule For When Not Training For A Race

Runners need schedules. We pencil in—physically or mentally—the day, time of day and mileage for our runs. And of course, we all follow training plans for when preparing for a race. These are typically 12-week plans that lie out our workouts for us, provided by an online source of a running coach. We know just

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Tips To Dealing With A Bad Fitness Instructor

One of the many reasons why I go to the gym for its fitness classes. I much rather take a spin or kickboxing class than roam from machine to machine. The good news is my gym offers lots of great classes with many great fitness instructors. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any who

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The Real Amount Of Steps Fitness Tracker Users Need Each Day

One of the first things we do when setting up our fitness tracker is setting how many steps we want to take each day. But the amount we are setting is really way off from what we need. And by that, we don’t mean increasing it to be more than 10,000. Since the beginning of

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Senita Athletics Maternity Leggings: The Best Pair To Wear When Running Pregnant

Running while pregnant comes with it so many challenges. And one of the many is the fact that none of our workout clothes fit. Another problem is finding activewear that does our ever-changing bodies. This is why those who find Senita Athletics leggings hit the jackpot—especially for those who are preggo. Senita Athletics is a

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