Reduce Stress With These Positive Affirmations

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Now more than ever we need to reduce stress. And this is where putting some positive affirmations comes into place. It might sound silly or ineffective, but being positive is a game-changer when battling a stressful situation.

It’s safe to say that given the coronavirus scare that is plaguing our minds as much as it is the health of the world that we are upon some hard times. As if getting sick wasn’t enough to be the only stress increasing aspect, we also are stressed out at home.

Many can’t work from home or work at all right now. This puts financial stress and pressure on us and our families. Many have children and have to now make time for them to home school while trying to work or just keep their sanity.

What we need to do is just stop for a few minutes. Turn off the news. Get off social media. Remove ourselves from any stressful situation or conversation and just breathe.

Know that these times will pass and we should remain positive by being thankful for our health. And for those going stir crazy, put things in perspective. We are called to stay home so basically permission to binge-watch that Netflix series and spend more one-on-one time with our loved ones.

How do we practice gratitude and abundance when we feel stressed or overwhelmed?

Affirmations are a simple and proven way to rewire our brains.

Much like exercise feeds our bodies, affirmations feed our brain positivity.

Ever hear the saying, “We are what we think”?

This means that your life is dictated largely by your thoughts.

But recognizing this is just the first step. You must then translate those thoughts into words – and then into actions.

positive affirmations


Here are some positive affirmation examples you can try today:

“Today, I am calm.”

“I am blessed with the talents that I will use today.”

“My body is healthy, my mind is strong, and my soul is at peace.”

“My thoughts are filled with positivity and thankfulness today.”

“I radiate positivity, kindness, and encouragement.”

Positive Affirmations

I encourage you to come up with your own affirmations that fit your life. I even use affirmations when running long distances. These mantras help refocus and set the mind up for success to make it through to the end.

I use mantras like:

“Just dig deep.”

“One step closer with each step.”

“You are tough. You are strong.”

I say some form of these in my head when the doing gets rough in a workout. It might sound silly, but try saying a couple out loud now.

Find an affirmation that works for you to reduce stress during this hard time.


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