Running Safety For Women: The Self-Defense Products Runners Need

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Few products are essential to runners. And with the rise in attacks and attempted attacks for women this also means getting safety gear to protect them and allow for self-defense when on a run.

On a dark, cold, and windy Thursday evening in March at Asbury Park two local running groups joined forces to commemorate the day runner Kelly Herron was attacked in a park bathroom while taking a pit stop during her marathon training run. Herron had recently taken a self-defense class and fought for her life. She now is a spokesperson for runner safety awareness, staring the “Not Today” movement that went viral on socia media and landed her on the cover on Runner’s World magazine.

I highly encourage taking a self-defense class as a runner. I also think it’s a smart idea to purchase some running safety products—especially women.

Go Guarded Ring

This safety product is ideal for female runners. It is a ring that can be worn on any finger, and is equipped with a serrated-edge knife. The Go Guarded Ring has a rubber piece on the serrate-edge so that you can’t hurt yourself.

It is so affordable and a great product for self-defense.

Guard Dog Instafire Xtreme Self-Defense Pepper Spray

This self-defense product for runners is twofold: it is pepper spray and have a rubber knuckles to protect the hand when throwing a punch.

This product is designed to have the pepper spray literally in the palm of your hand. It’s worn on the hand over the knuckles with breathable fabric that is comfortable to wear when working out.

Little Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet

This is another pepper spray option, ideal for those who don’t have to hold it or have the over the knuckle option above. This is worn as a normal bracelet. It is adjustable and made of silicone so it’s comfortable around the wrist.

It carries 10% pepper spray and can spray up to 3 feet. It works by squeezing Bothe sides of the raised part of the band. This does mean that both hands need to be free.

Attachable Whistle

This is a great product because it attaches to just about any article of clothing like a running jacket or shirt. It can be easy to product your self-defense product so this combats that for runner safety since you can just leave on your gym back on on your favorite running jacket.

Run Angel

This is a great wearable for runner safety for women. It is a wearable that sounds a very loud alarm to scare off a potential treat and alert others the runner could be in trouble. Run Angel also alerts family and friends via email and text if activated including you location when paired with its accompanying app.

Running Safety For Women_

Remember to be aware of your surroundings when out for a run. Think twice about listening to music when on a secluded route. Take at least one of the ears out to be able to hear if someone is approaching. Try to to run alone when it can be avoided during early morning or late evening hours or again in some shady places. Find a running buddy, which also helps with accountability.

Women do not have to be scared to run. Just be prepared and have the self-defense tools needed for safety.


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