11 Baby Products You Need For Your Second Born

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Everything feels unfamiliar as a first-time parent. But by the second kid, many feel much more confident to handle in our role and are pretty much pros when it comes to knowing the best diaper creams, bottles, and pacifiersto buy. But there are still some baby products second-time moms look over for your second born.

The second baby might mean you are better equipped to handle parenthood and you got to love the fact that you don’t need to buy all the things like a crib, rocking chair or hair chair (unless your babies are back-to-back).

But there might still be some things you didn’t have the first time around that are absolute game-changers for the second born baby.

If you are expecting or currently loving on that new bundle of joy, here is the list of the most needed baby products a second (third, fourth, fifth, etc.) – time mom has to have.

baby products second born


1. A Comfy Chair

Never underestimate the power of a comfy place for your baby to hang out. This is crucial when you need to attend to the older sibling or when giving them a front-row seat at Little Baby Bum or whatever show their brother or sister has on.

My daughter, the second born in my house, loves her Baby Einstein More to See High Contract Bouncer. She loves looking in the mirror and grabbing onto toys on the side. I like that she is comfortable and safe with its deep cradling design and there are soothing vibrations for when she gets fussy. The contrast patterns keep her engaged and help develop vision.

I had a bouncer for my son as well, but this is a must-have option the second time around.

2. A Big Sterilizer

I used a much smaller bottle sterilizer with my first-born, but this time around I am glad I upgraded to a larger one. With two kids, there is more to clean—especially when my 3-year-old wants to put his sister’s toys in his mouth too.

I am a fan of Dr. Brown’s bottles, so it only makes sense I use the Deluxe Bottle Sterilizer. It is easy to use, large enough for bottles and has a top compartment for smaller bottle parts and pacifiers.

It also has a sleek design that doesn’t bottle me to leave out on the counter.

3. A Good Lotion

From baby showers to my own personal shopping I think I’ve tried just about every lotion made for babies. As a second-time mom, I know the products that I love and trust like Babyganic soap, but my second-born has really sensitive and dry skin that called for something different.

I cannot recommend Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy lotion enough. It is the only lotion that really hydrates her skin. It is gentle, made of oatmeal and is formulates specific for babies to provide that relief from eczema.

I love that it is pediatrician recommended and one often recommended by moms.

4. Size Organizer For The Closet

You forget how much clothes people gift you with when you are pregnant. And I am not complaining about this at all. But as a second-time mom, I know how important it is to be organized. That’s why the baby product I didn’t know I needed is a closet divider to organize baby clothes by side.

Babies grow fast. This is why I like having the next size up clothes right there ready to go. This is an inexpensive item that is so worth it if you like things nice and tidy.



5. Car Seat Cover

I never used a car seat cover with my firstborn probably because I kept him home as a newborn as much as possible in our safe little snuggly bubble. But this is a must-have baby product for the second born. There is no just staying home when you already have a little one.

I am a huge fan of the covers by Copper Pearl. The designs and prints are so pretty and the fabric itself is soft and feels like butter. It is functional and has multiple uses like to use as a high chair cover, a shopping car cover, and a nursing cover.

I love that it blocks the wind and keeps the cold out in the winter months when putting her in the car and acts as a shield against germs when we are out.

6. A Portable White Noise Machine

Little did I know how handy a portable white noise machine can be. This actually is a great product for home and when going out. My toddler is often loud at home, so with our Sycees Baby Sleep Soother Sound Machine, my baby can fall and stay asleep to the white noise or the sound of a heartbeat.

This option also plays music and has an amber nightlight. I love the fact that is lightweight and portable so I can stick in the car seat so she can nap in the car or when my son is at soccer practice. It has a rechargeable battery and stands alone or can be attached to a stroller, car seat or crib.

7. A Double Stroller

The one big investment needed is a double stroller once you are about to become a second-time mom. Luckily, I had a baby shower and mine was a gift from my mom and grandmother, the Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller.

I absolutely love this stroller for multiple reasons. One, my son is super comfortable in the second seat. He asks to go in the stroller all the time. Secondly, is it’s super lightweight and easy to get the seats on and off. This is major for me since I am always out and about by myself and the kids. There are so many different ways to ride such as front-facing, sibling facing, etc. There is also a bassinet attachment sold separately I used when the baby was a newborn.

8. A Durable Carrier

I never wore my son when he was a baby, but babywearing is a necessity for the second child. It allows you to be hands-free and still hold and bond with the baby.

I have the Lillebaby Complete All Seasons carrier, which is so comfortable on my shoulders and back. My daughter falls asleep instantly when I put her in it and I am then able to cook or follow my toddler around a play place.

Toys To Buy

The things about having a toddlerand then a baby is many of the toys overlap. I saved a lot of the “baby” toys from my son like the stacking ring and pretend phones. But when it comes to rattles and teethers, obviously get new ones for the baby.

9. Stroller Toys

I recommend the toys that hang and are for senses development. They include the crinkles and other textures, a miter, and sounds. My daughter loves her bunny. But there are all kinds of characters. Best of all is these can keep the baby entertained for awhile, which is important when on-the-go or busy with the other kids.

10. A Lovey

My son never was interested in a lovey or plush dolls. But my daughter loves having a lovey. She actually loves to chew on it now that he teething will soon begin. I like how some have a velcro loop to hold a pacifier. We have a few including a unicorn, deer, and bunny. These are great for self-soothing, which is a necessity when a second-time mom who can’t always hold and rock and soothe.

11. Gym Mat

I am a huge lover of gym mats. My son loved hanging out and playing on his, and my daughter is no different. I saved one from when he was a baby, but there are also mid-range priced baby products that are a great baby shower gift. My daughter has a cute small unicorn one, but we love her Baby Einstein one.

I leave this gym mat in our living room and my second born baby can layout and practice rolling over and reach for her toys. She loves the contrast and colors and it also is machine washable. I like that she can play and I can also be on the floor with my son playing cars and spending time with both and giving both individual attention–an important thing as a second-time mom.


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