Running Gear Worth Buying: The Products I Can’t Run Without

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They say running is free, but any dedicated runner knows this is straight-up lies. This is because among the running gear needed includes invest in a good pair of running sneakers at the bare minimum.

But then there are cute workout clothes, snazzy smartwatches, and other hydration and nutrition gear that are worth buying.

Okay, so some things are necessities (like sports nutrition). And others we can live without.

Champion Athleticwear
But luckily for you, this runner is a self-proclaimed shopaholic that can vouch for the best of the best running gear that is actually worth buying.

The following is a list of my current favorite running gear including my running sneakers, what I am using to fuel and hydrate, and of course cute workout clothes!

Hover over each item and click to read more and buy. Continue on in this post to further read more details about these running gear products.

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Adidas Solar Glide 19

These are my favorite running shoes right now. These sneakers are lightweight and have the right amount of bounce that helps me feel like I am a track start. It is all about support for long-distance runners without feeling like there is too much cushioning. It uses its Solar Propulsion Rail to guide the foot and has lots of traction with its Continental Rubber. This is a responsive shoe. Plus it just looks great on.

Kramp Krusher Energy Chews

I used to fuel with GU but found the caffeine options hurt my stomach. Then I found Kramp Krusher chews and it has been a game-changer. I am fueled and hydrated with these thanks to its carbohydrates and electrolytes and other trace minerals. These support the brain to muscle function, prevent the build-up of lactate acid to prevent soreness and cramping and gives me that performance jolt without the caffeine.

Garmin vivoactive 3

I’ve had my Garmin running watch for some time now, but I won’t be trading it in any time soon. It allows me to track my runs, including average pace, splits, and distance. It stores my race PRs, I can enter in workouts, and there are safety features to make running alone as a woman less intimidating.

Ellie Subscription Box

These workout clothes are just what I need to keep my motivation alive. I love getting new running clothes and the options by Ellie are so stylish. I love that I can pick from subscriptions depending on if I want two or three pieces, as well as pick the outfit I want for the month. These items are true to size and the leggings don’t slip down. It’s way worth signing up for.


Nathan VaporHowe 2.0

This hydration vest is my absolute favorite for several reasons. It’s lightweight so I feel like it’s not even on. This means I don’t feel constricted when running. I am hands-free but still have water on me for those long runs. It’s breathable and comfortable. It stores plenty of water and the bottles are easy to clean.

Read my full review of the Nathan VaporHowe 2.0 on RunnerClick here.

Balega V-Tech Socks

Every runner needs to invest in good socks. No one wants to feel blisters forming or feel like their feet are sweating. These are breathable and comfortable. The colors are stylish and overall these are a durable pair.

Brooks Ghost 11

These are my go-to pair of Brooks running shoes. They are comfortable and provide ample support without being too much on the cushioning or too heavy. These are a versatile pair, perfect for both short and long distances. These are the pair I keep buying over and over again because they just feel great on and are reliable.

KT Tape

After suffering from an ankle injury years ago, sometimes I get some inflammation. This is where my KT comes it. It gives my ankle the support it needs and eases the pressure on my joints.

Running On The Wall Medal Display

I love collecting medals from races and absolutely need to display them to be able to be reminded of my hard work. This is why getting a medal display is a must. Get those medals out of a drawer and hang them proudly.

Nathan Hydration Running Belt Train Mix Plus

Event though I love a hydration vest, that doesn’t mean I still don’t use a belt. My go-to when it comes to running gear must haves is the Trail Mix Plus because it allows me to have water with me for mid- to long-distance runs. I also can store my energy chews, phone, and keys. It has no bounce and feels comfortable on.

Running Journal

I love manually logging my miles and writing down goals. And this training cycle I am using this colorful jouRunal. It allows me to track my progress and write down all my PRs.

Read my full review on the jouRUNal here.

Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless Headphones

There are so many headphones on the market, but my Beats Powerbeats3 is all I need. They are affordable, easy to use, have a great sound and have long battery life. I’ve had these for a while now and love them so much that I don’t need AirPods.


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