Tips To Getting Your Treadmill Run Done In 30 Minutes With A Baby

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As a runner mom, I often find myself combining my two worlds. Just because I want to go for a run doesn’t mean I can just stop being a parent. And it’s silly and impractical to hire a babysitter or call family over to watch my baby so a quick 30-minute run on the treadmill.

So I have become the master of running on the treadmill when you have a baby. Now on baby #2, I continue to follow the hacks and tricks I had up my sleeve when I first got back to running after my first was born.

Follow these tips and you will be able to get the treadmill run done—even with baby nearby.

Get Your Treadmill Run Done

Time The Run For After Feeding

There is nothing worse than being 10 minutes into a run than having the baby cry in hunger. There are times when I had to get off the treadmill a few times in a short 2-mile run to breastfeed my newborn.

But the older the baby gets, the less frequent the feeding. So schedule your treadmill run right after you know your baby has a big feeding.

This way they have a full belly and you don’t need to irrupt the run (as often).

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Run When Baby Is Sleeping

This ties into the first point. Typically after a nice feeding, your baby might fall asleep. Now is the time to get a 30-minute treadmill run in.

This really depends on how long your baby sleeps for in a stretch. But if they go down for a nap, you can at least get a 30-minute in before they wake up.

Set Up Workout Area Near Baby

Your baby doesn’t need to be sleeping in order for you to run. Instead, set up your treadmill where you have space to also have the baby hang out. This might be in the living room, playroom, or basement.

Yes, you can use the baby monitor when they are asleep but set up a workout area where you can exercise when they are awake.

Then you can do the following things:

  • Place Baby In Favorite Bouncer or Swing

Have them in the bouncer, Mamaroo, or other swing and let them hang out with you for the 30-minutes while you run.

These options most likely have movement, vibration, music, and toys to keep them occupied and comfortable.


  • Get Them Their Favorite Toys

With that said, have some rattles, teethers, a baby mirror or any of their favorite toys on hand. This further will keep them entertained during your treadmill run.

  • Have A Movie On

If you have your treadmill near a TV, put on a movie to keep their attention. Many parents prefer not to expose them to screens so early, but I have no problem putting on Baby Einstein, Word Party, or some educational show for a few minutes so I can get a run done.

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Other Tips To Getting Run Done In 30-Minutes

Already be dressed and stretch beforehand so you can jump right on the treadmill when the timing is right.

Limit miles so that you complete the workout without having to take breaks. Depending on your pace, you should be able to get in at least 2 miles in 30-minutes.

Be flexible. Know what time of the day is better for your needs such as running on the treadmill when they are napping or when they just ate and are content.

Use these runs for intervals workouts so you are forced to pick up the pace. This helps allow you to finish a good workout within the 30-minute time frame.


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