Tasks To Do While Babywearing To Get Things Done Around The House Fast


Babywearing is a complete life changer when dealing with an infant and a toddler at home. And I quickly discovered just how much I can get done around the house when babywearing.

The best part is I discovered the perfect routine that works for my family and myself so that I can get things done around the house fast.

I have to admit I was intimated to wear my son, who is now a toddler. But with two kids, it’s the most logical solution. I can be hands-free and be hands-on with my son. And there are benefits for the baby too. According to La Leche League, This includes the comfort of being held and close to mama’s skin, bonding to promote speech and social development, and the increase of milk production and breastfeeding rates.

I got a baby carrier to be able to take my son to soccer and play places and engage with him while holding my daughter, but wearing her at home has really helped with my productivity around the house.

These are the tasks to do while babywearing and bask in the pride of actually getting things done at home.


1. Prep Food And Cook

Babywearing actually makes cooking more enjoyable for me. I am no longer stressed that the baby is fussing or crying when I’m over the stove and can’t hold her.

I am no able to prep food like slice vegetables and make the rice without having to run back and forth to pick her up. This saves time to take to cook meals later on.

I can also cook without having to stop if she’s hungry. While I am cooking she can still nurse and I don’t need to pause—or burn my food—to feed her.

Now I saved time to get other things done around the house since everyone is happy and fed.

2. Do Light Cleaning

Do light cleaning while babywearing to save time later in the week when you need to get a deep clean in.

This includes dusting, sweeping, mopping, doing dishes, folding laundry and the dreaded putting laundry away.

Another good tip is to focus on surfaces while babywearing and cleaning. This includes cleaning mirrors, counters in the kitchen, the stove, and other surfaces that are easy to do while wearing the baby.

Babywearing allows me to get some light cleaning done—and tasks that I usually put off or ignore.


3. Do Bills and Balance Checkbook

Bills and other financial housekeeping can take up time in a busy schedule. I tend to go over my monthly bills when the kids are asleep and I have some free time at night. This means time I can spend watching a movie with my husband or getting some reading or writing done is replaced with things I wish I got done during the day.

Because you are hands-free you can open mail, go online pay bills, and balance your checkbook. No more getting distracted when the baby needs a change or just woke up the second you sit down.

4. Check Emails And Blog

This might be a more personal task but getting these things done frees up time to get other housework done.


I get bombarded with emails from stores, blogs I subscribe to, as as a blogger myself, emails I need to handle on my end. This can eat away a lot of time I have when my baby is sleeping.

Standing up at my kitchen table and holding her, I can get through all my emails and even blog without having to put her down.


5. Get A Workout In

Again, this is more a personal task, but many moms put off their workout because they have to cook, clean, feed the kids, and so on so forth. By the time they have free time they are too tired.

Babywearing allows you to do some squats with the baby (yay for added bodyweight) and arm workouts. So get a pair of dumbbells and take a few minutes to tone.

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6. Take Out The Trash

If your house is anything like mine, we get a lot of Amazon packages. This also means our recycling really builds up. Babywearing means you are hands-free to break up those boxes and go outside to take out all the trash.


7. Declutter

Declutter the house while babywearing. Go through old clothes and donate them, organize closets and any area in the house that tends to get messy. That way when you can clean more in-depth, you don’t have to first organize, move, or go through things just to make that area or room presentable.


6 comments on “Tasks To Do While Babywearing To Get Things Done Around The House Fast”

  1. This is amazing and actually really motivating! I know a lot of people who make up excuses because they have kids, but in reality you can do so much! There is always a way! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I agree that babywearing is a great way to get rid of excuses and get off the couch! Also believe in spending time on the couch cuddling the baby, so life is all about balance! =D

  2. this is a great list to help stay productive as a mom!, i never mastered the art of wearing my kids! they always seemed to fuss , i think i waited too long to get them used to it lol!!

  3. Oh yes! We love our Ergobaby for the reason that it could calm our baby while allowing us to do stuff at the same time. We find back carrying to be the most effective when getting chores done.

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