Cadenshae Activewear Review: The Nursing Sports Bra I Can’t Workout Without

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Those who have been or are pregnant know that cute, comfortable and affordable activewear is a rare commodity. But the fitness apparel company Cadenshae is changing the game by finally giving us what we want and need: workout clothes that are fit for our changing bodies.

The activewear brand sells various items that include nursing sports bras, nursing tops, maternity workout leggings, and more.

And the Cadenshae nursing sports bra quickly has become something I can’t workout without.

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One of the best qualities of these bras is that some styles are available in sizes A to J cup. This means there is a size for almost everyone. It also makes it perfect for wearing during pregnancy and then after when nursing.

Cadenshae Breastfeeding Sports Bra ‘Smoothie’ Review

The best nursing sports bra


I wear the nursing sports bra in the color “Smoothie.” This bra simply looks good on. It has a confetti pattern with blue and some pink and white. It is stylish and I feel like showing it off when paired with a tank—or when I get brave enough to join the sports bra club for runs again once I tone up my post-baby belly.

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The bra goes on overhead. It does not have a clasp in the back. This could either be a pro or a con. I like my nursing bras to have that clasp closure in the back for easily taking on and off. But while I do wear it when not working out as well, it is a sports bra. That means there is just better fit and support with it fitting close to the skin this way.

But to my pleasant surprise, it isn’t hard to get off once sweaty. It never feels sticky when working up a sweat either.

Of course, the core of the design is the ability to nurse in it without needing to take off the sports bra. Just pull the fabric down at the shoulder clasps. This makes breastfeeding so much easier than trying to pull a boob out with a normal sports bra still on.

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This nursing sports bra fits well, sized by XS to XL with its associated number sizing. When buying the right size, it has a snug fit that provides the support needed for working out. Yet it isn’t suffocatingly tight.

It contours nicely to the body and is flattering even in the back, smoothing the skin and not creating any lumps that often happen when wearing tight clothing with some extra weight on us post-baby.

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This nursing bra can also be worn when swimming. This is such a unique feature that I can’t wait to try during the summer since I like to jump in the pool after a run in the sun.

Why I Wear It

There are two main reasons I can’t workout without this breastfeeding bra. One, the comfort factor. It just feels good on. Between the fit and the silky fabric, it’s my go-to for both runs and HIIT full-body workouts.

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The second reason is obviously the convenience factor of being able to nurse. And with a two-month-old, she isn’t far from me when I’m working out. This often means hopping off the treadmill twice to nurse her before my run is done. This is why I need to have a nursing bra on. And Cadensae’s offering is my favorite. hands-down.

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This Breastfeeding Sports Bra is available for $50. That’s either affordable or a little on the pricey side depending on what you normally spend on activewear.


I feel like this is a good price point for this product. It’s an investment to me and it’s an item I wear over and over again. It’s made of high-quality fabric, washes well, fits good and looks even better.

If I were to splurge on one item from the company’s line it would be this one.

Get yours from the Cadenshae website here.


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