Children’s Running Book Now On Amazon


You can now get your hands on a copy of my children’s book Ready, Set, Run! through Amazon.

This children’s book introduces little ones to running—showing them that with a little imagination, exercise is really fun.

The main character pretends he is a racing car that speeds, slows down, and stops. Not only is it teaching children how fun running is, but it also introduces them to directions and opposites.

Children's Running Book Now On Amazon

Ready, Set, Run! puts a playful spin on fitness. We all remember running around carefree as a child. This book helps capture this and inspires kids to get out and get moving.

Get your copy of Ready, Set, Run! now available on Amazon as a hardback and eBook. Click here to order yours here.

You can also buy a copy directly from this site here!


20 comments on “Children’s Running Book Now On Amazon”

  1. That looks like such a cute book! I never thought of introducing my kids to running in this way. Instead, I just tell them to go outside and play which usually involves running. LOL!

  2. My kids would love this book! Seems like a great book to get kids active AS they read it and also excited to be active afterwards as well!

  3. We encourage our kids to run. We usually go the park twice or thrice a week on early evenings to run and they run with us.

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