Running Book For Children On Sale For 25% Off

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Now for a limited time, I am offering my children’s book about running for 25% off!

Titled Ready, Set, Run!, this is the perfect gift for active kids, love sports—especially running—or for parents who want to introduce the sport to their kids.

The book takes a fun approach to fitness, showing them that you need nothing but to move yourself to run. And it actually is fun!

With the use of his imagination, the main character pretends he is a racing car that is speeding and slowing down. And of course, there is some introduction to running form introduced like holding the head high and pumping the arms.

This makes this children’s book a great option for toddlers who love cars and anything that goes!


Get a copy of Ready, Set, Run! (retail price $8.99) on sale using the promo code: holiday25.

Enter this code on the final page of checkout when entering billing information.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
—That Runner Mom


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