How To Lose Pregnancy Weight When You Can’t Workout Yet

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Two things were working for me when it came to my pregnancy size: my height and the fact that I was in shape and active before expecting. But just because I carried well doesn’t mean that I didn’t gain pregnancy weight.

In fact, I gained 32 pounds during this pregnancy.

And like every other mama postpartum, I am now on a mission to lose the extra weight.

The problem is not being able to work out just yet.

C-section mamas like myself cannot workout generally for eight weeks. Those who had a vaginal delivery usually can get back to their fitness regimen two weeks before that. 

Even though we can’t lift, run— or do any kind of physical activity for that matter— just yet there are still ways to start encouraging the weight to fall off.

I lost 17 pounds in two weeks. This how I am losing the pregnancy weight even without exercise. 

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Give Birth

Just giving birth alone results in weight loss. Expect to lose anywhere from five to 12 pounds right off the bat thanks to the actual weight of the baby, placenta amniotic fluid, and extra blood volume. 



If you want to continue to lose that baby weight, breastfeed.

After losing that initial weight from delivery, mamas are already at a good start considered you gained the healthy 25 to 25 pounds. Then breastfeeding can help further jumpstart weight loss. 

This is because it shrinks the uterus, resulting in a flatter belly.

Plus nursing can burn up to 500 calories per day depending on the amount of milk production. 

Do Light Housework

Please do not start working out before being cleared by your doctor. Doing so too early could cause injury and then take even longer to heal.

But you can sneak in a calorie burn by just getting up and off the couch and getting some light housework done.


It’s believed that doing the laundry, washing, folding and putting it away can burn 148 calories per hour. And chances are you will have laundry piling up now with a newborn.

Vacuuming burns 175 calories per hour, but if baby is sleeping it might be best to sweep, which can burn 161 calories per hour. 

Doing multiple chores at once at a light effort burns just over 100 calories an hour. Washing dishes, preparing food and even picking up toys around the house at moderate effort all burn a few calories in 15 minutes.

Don’t overdo it and get plenty of rest. Sleep is also really important for weight loss so that the body can repair itself and have the energy to function. 

Go For A Walk

Walking is a great way to get moving without having to put the body through strain while recovery from birth. If it’s nice out, bundle up baby and go for a walk around the block for some fresh air.

Strolling around the mall is also a great idea, especially in cold weather. 


Drink More Water

It’s important to drink enough water for hydration and milk production. But it also can keep you loose weight. 

Drinking water helps keep the belly full. If you think you are hungry, try having a glass of water first. You might just be thirsty.

Drinking water cleanses the body of waste, helping to flush out toxins and excess water weight. It also helps to boost metabolism to continue calorie burn. 

Try These Eating Tricks

Diet is extremely important when it comes to weight loss. After pregnancy, it’s important to resist the sweets and junk and focus on eating more wholesome foods. 

But along with a healthy diet, there are some tricks to help prevent overeating. This includes not eating meals in front of the TV. Watching TV and eating is a distraction, so we tend to eat more.

Also, turn up the lights. It’s believed that people make healthier food choices in the light as opposed to having dim lighting with dinner.

Set the thermostat down just a little so that it isn’t so warm in the house. A study found that cold weather helps the body to regulate weight better while increasing metabolism since the body needs to work to keep warm. 



Remember that not every woman bounces back so quickly—especially since you can’t work out just yet. Most women are back to pre-baby weight by the time their baby is 6-months-old. For some it’s sooner, others later. 

Don’t focus on the scale and instead be in tuned to how you feel. It just might mean having a little extra curves, but feeling happy and healthy and having a happy and healthy baby is way more important than fitting back into those skinny jeans. 

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