Best Gift Ideas For The Runner On Your Christmas List From A Real Runner

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All I want for Christmas this year is a fit runner’s body. That means I’m dreaming of a white Christmas filled with neon-colored fitness clothes. And the Garmin fenix 6S. And while we are at it, race registration for my next half marathon.

If there is a runner among your family and friends, there are lots of great Christmas gifts to give them this year. The problem is you just might not know what exactly they want—considering they have everything from a medal hanger to a runner’s notebook for tracking milestones and workouts. 

Then there are the gifts that you think sound perfect for a runner, but fall flat. This could be like a new water bottle but chances are they already have their preferred hydration source down pat. The same applies to running socks.

So from one real runner, here are the best gift ideas to get the runner on your 2019 Christmas list (or to add to your own list).

Goodr Glasses 

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There is a very high chance that the runner in your life has a pair of Goodr sunglasses. That’s okay, buy them another pair. They are seriously that good and the runner will be filled with joy.

There are so many color options to choose from so think outside the box and gift the runner with a fun pair. And. At $25 per pair, it’s an extremely affordable gift for a friend or to use a stocking stuffer. 

Class Pass Gift Certificate

Give a gift that keeps on giving by presenting them with a gift certificate to their favorite workout class. Many fitness classes offer class passes like SoulCycle or stroller fitness classes. 

Instead of signing them up for a yearly membership, this is a way to gift them with their favorite class sessions based on your price point. And sometimes experiences compared to material things are the best gifts to receive. 

Massage Gift Card

With the New Year approaching, the runner probably has their eyes set on new race goals. That means training begins soon. Which is why gifts that aid in recovery is priceless.

Since the runner has massage balls and foam rollers,, instead, gift them with a gift card to get a massage. Who wouldn’t love being pampered for an hour?

Run Ink Race Course Map Poster

This is a great gift idea for someone who just finished their first marathon or half marathon or PR’ed at a race. 

The Run Ink poster allows them to hang the race course on the wall next to their medal display or race day photo. It’s something different and looks great. Plus, it’s even available on a mug. 

Adidas iPhone Case

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This is a great gift idea for runners and for those who live at the gym. It has an anti-slip grip band so that allows runners to hold their phone in their hand without worrying about dropping it when getting sweaty. And it was a magnetic stand so that you could use the phone to watch workout videos hands-free. 

It’s currently on sale for $27.96.

Race Registration

The cost for race registrations adds up over the year. This is why helping the runner enter the race they want to run is among the best gift ideas. It might not be a good idea to surprise them because some races don’t offer deferments so they have to be committed to training. 

Still, if there is a race on their calendar they can’t stop thinking about, this is a great way to support their goal.


New Sneakers

Every runner has their favorite running sneaker and more than one pair at that. But there is no such thing as too many running shoes. If you know the runner’s favorite brand and model, giving them a brand new pair to break in is a great gift idea. 

Just make sure to know their size in that particular brand. The same goes for the model since some prefer specific shoes from a brand over others. Popular brands include Brooks, Nike, Adidas, Asics, New Balance, and Salomon. 

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