What It’s Like To Get Lash Extensions

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Eyelash extensions are the beauty trend that is an absolute game-changer. If you are thinking about getting lash extensions, then yes, absolutely do it.

Flutter’s eyelashes.

Getting your lashes done instantly changes your appearance. It extenuates your natural beauty while enhancing physical appearance just a tad.

Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but in this case, it’s lash extensions that really make those beautiful eyes pop.

So what can you expect to experience while getting your lashes done?

This depends on if you are the type of person who enjoys an hour of shut-eye while feeling like being at a spa or if you are the type of person who doesn’t like people touching their eyes and having to stay still for so long.

Here is what it is like to get lash extensions.

Image by Jana D from Pixabay

Do Your Research

Research where to get your eyelash extensions done.

This service should be done by a professional who knows what they are doing at the minimum and is skilled at creating that perfect look. So use word of mouth recommendations or read reviews.

Lash extensions require the use of glue to apply individual lashes and hybrid lashes, so you want a clean place, have experienced staff and knows how to make the client feel comfortable if sensitivity occurs.

The Appointment Basics

Some establishments are solely for eyelash extensions. Then there are spas or other beauty salons that offer lash extensions as one of its many services. Some stylists work out of their home or own office.

This lash over can over speak on experiences at a lash extension place.

The initial appointment is an hour long. It’s important not to drink coffee beforehand or else you are left feeling jittery or have a hard time keeping your eyes closed.

Girl, Wash Your Face

The new client is first asked to wash their eyes and lashes with a gentle soap.

It’s important to cleanse the lashes after getting them done on the daily. Invest in the cleanser sold there or use a baby shampoo that is diluted with distilled water to clean the lashes once a day.

This prevents bacteria build-up and dirt from accumulating at the lash line. You might feel weird getting them wet, but it’s fine. Just be gentle when cleaning and pat dry.

Express Your Desired Eyelash Look

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The stylist then should go over the different available lash options. This includes individual lashes or thicker options that result in more volume. There are even hybrid options that combine the two looks.

The number of lashes to be applied go from a natural look to dramatic that is great for weddings, parties, and other special occasions.

It’s important to know what you are looking for and expressing that to the technician.

This is why doing homework on the lash place is important. The stylist should’ve learned how to properly apply lashes (from a company and not online), and have a book or photo examples of their work to show you. Ask for this so that you have a visual of what you can expect your lash extensions to look like.

How It Feels

Once the style is picked out, the stylists will then guide you to lay down on the table with eyes closed.

The lower lashes are taped down so they don’t get in the way and tape is also applied on the upper lid to eyebrow for the technician to be able to get in the lash line.


They apply the adhesive and start applying the lashes using a fine tweezer.

There might be a slight sting felt from the glue, but it should not feel like burning. Speak up if any discomfort occurs.

The stylists will then do his or her thing so just relax for the next 45- to 60 minutes.

When it’s all said and done the stylist should ask you if you feel anything poking when opening your eyes.

Getting A Refill

Chances are you will be hooked at first sight of your lash extensions. They transform the face to make you feel instantly beautiful and brave enough to go out with a fresh face and no makeup and still feel like a goddess.

Keep in mind that you will need to go back within two to three weeks to get a refill.

This appointment is generally half the time of the original appointment because the stylist just has to fill in the spaces where lashes fell out.

Expect some to fall out along the course of the next week or two, but they should last well when properly caring for them. This means not rubbing the eyes, not sleeping on one side of the face, washing them gently, and keeping oil-based products away from them. It’s fine to wear mascara but used a water-based option.

Do not wait to get them done or else it’s like starting over from scratch. Think of it as a nail, hair or waxing appointment.

But also make sure to give your real lashes time to breathe every so often to prevent bacteria buildup and the dreaded lash lice (which is a real thing). After a few weeks, let them fall off or have them taken off, have a break and get back to it.

Should You Even Get Lash Extensions?

The thought alone of lice on your lashes is enough to say never mind.

But this only happens when they aren’t being cleaned.

For someone who loves the look of false lashes, getting extensions is a huge must try. I love the option of falsies, but this is a more semi-permanent option that doesn’t require having to apply lashes over and over again.

It’s great for those who still want a natural look, something to mirror having a great mascara on.

It’s also perfect for those who love volume and fullness.

So go ahead and flirt with the idea of trying lash extensions. Chances are you will be glued to them too.


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