Cortazu Outdoor Women’s Stretch Jacket Review: An Option For Runs To Running Errands This Fall

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Finally, summer is taking its last breath well into the start of October here on the East Coast. As the cooler fall winds replace take the temperature down a notch, it’s time for runners to get out their lightweight running jackets. And this runner is reaching for the Cortazu Outdoor stretch running jacket for women.

The best part about the Cortazu Stretch Jacket is that it is perfect for all seasons. It is light enough to wear in the fall and spring, as well as being a great option to wear under an outer layer in the winter.


“Our Stretch Jacket is lightweight, easy to pack and has a functional stretch for easy movement,” Wiebe Poelmann co-founder of Cortazu told That Runner Mom.

It looks great on (available in five color options), is comfortable and not-restricting when running.

I’ve been wearing this running jacket for both runs, to and from the gym and on walks to identify its pros, cons and what makes it buy-worthy.


First and foremost, this jacket looks great on. It is a basic, lightweight jacket designed to protect against wind, rain and cooler temperatures.

It is form-flattering without being too body-hugging. It has that feel of a second skin without being too tight. It is designed to move with the body thanks to its Primaristo fairway stretch fabric.

This stretchy fabric isn’t like spandex stretch, but rather is durable, comfortable and is breathable.

It has a high collar that acts as a weather shield, as well as elastic shaped cuffs that are great for hiking during brisk weather.

The jacket has a front zipper that runs along the center of the Stretch Jacket.

It has two hidden pockets that go unnoticed in its design, one on each side by the waist.


“Our Stretch jacket is often used during sports and activities where you need to pay attention to what you are doing,” Poelmann said. Which is why Cortazu added one-hand adjustable drawcords. “In those activities it useful if you just need one hand to adjust the hem of your jacket.”


The jacket is available in Burgundy, Black, Light Grey, Dark Green, and Blue.

I chose to wear the Stretch jacket in Burgundy, the perfect color for the fall. It looks stylish on, as I can wear when running or running around town doing errands.


The Cortazu Stretch Jacket is designed for running and cycling, as well as other sports and activities from hiking to walking around the farm when apple picking.


There are two main functions at work here: stretchability and lightweight-ness.

As mentioned above, the stretch more refers to the fabrics ability to move with motion. It doesn’t feel stiff when running although it is defiantly a jacket fit not like a base layer or spandex shirt.

It delivers on how light it is. I didn’t feel like I was wearing a jacket when layering up.

It’s thin enough to wear for milder weather that has a nice chill in the air without feeling overheated with the change of seasons. I can picture it being a good option for layering with the cooler weather.

I like that it doesn’t need all these bells and whistles of features to make me want to wear it. It’s a simple design that works. The pockets are large enough to fit my smartphone, wallet, and keys when out and about, as well as my favorite energy chomps when running.

I don’t need multiple pockets in a jacket like this.

It has quickly become my fall go-to for both runs and just heading out in general. This makes it score highly for me when it comes to function.


This is a great running jacket because of how lightweight it is. I’ve said it already, but that it’s main selling feature on the comfort front. I have free range of motion and it becomes like a second skin during a run.


Its breathable fabric that doesn’t make me feel sticky from sweat like in a traditional windbreaker jacket. It has ventilation pockets to increase airflow for this very reason.

At the same time, it does keep the runner warm in cooler weather. It’s close to the skin without being suffocating fit helps keep the consumer insulated. This is best as a base layer. This makes it perfect to wear underneath a shell jacket as temperatures continue to get colder.


Cortazu is an Amsterdam-based company, so sizing is based on cm. However, the sizing chart on the website also includes inches so there is no need to do any conversions.

This running jacket git true to size based on my measurements. It’s recommended to measure around the fullest part of the chest, waist, and hips.

For the Stretch jacket, there should be enough room for a base layer like a T-shirt or long sleeve.

I will say that compared to U.S. sizes, I did size up. I am very tall at 5’9” and find it important to get sleeves that are long enough for me. That means I would typically pick up a size Large. Based on the company’s measurements, I went with the XL and the sleeves were a perfect fit.

Overall, I was happy with the sizing of this jacket and felt that it is pretty much tailored to my body shape.


The cost of the Stretch jacket is 125 Euros, which is equivalent to $137.27.

To compare it to other lightweight women’s running jacket, the Arc’teryx Cita SL is only $84.98 and Patagonia Houdini Air is $134.98.

“The jackets Arc’Teryx makes are very similar in terms of components and features. But due to our business model we can offer a different price to our customers,” Poelmann said.

This includes cutting out the middle man as much as possible to get high-quality products directly to the consumer.

These are two options that compare with Cortazu’s Stretch jacket, although Patagonnia’s option comes with a hood. In comparison, the Arc’teryx Cita SL is even thinner but isn’t the best for rain protection. This makes Cortazu’s option a great happy medium.

What Makes Cortazu Stand Out


Many consumers might be wondering why even buy from this company? For starters, the quality is there. It is a durable and comfortable option that can do from running errands to actually working out.

“We started our outdoor brand with the goal to make high-quality technical clothing. We source the best components on the market, focus on functionality and style and together with the factory create the best outerwear we can possibly make,” Poelmann said.

He then continued to further speak about the company’s business model.

“Afterwards, we sell it directly to our customers and skip as many middle-men as possible, all with the goal to create the highest quality outerwear for a much better price,” he added. “This is how we started and why customers in over 55 countries have bought our products. And it is also an important differentiator when you compare us to legacy brands such as Arc’Teryx’s.”

The company was the most funded Dutch fashion project in the history of Kickstarter, as well as was an ISPO Gold Award Winner for 2019.





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