Teach Toddlers About Running With ‘Ready, Set Run!’ eBook Release

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My followers might already know that I am expecting a baby in exactly one month! But I have also been hard at work on another baby of mine: my first children’s book.

It’s been so hard to keep this all to myself. I have only to perfect everything from the illustrations created by the talented Mariya Stoyanova and the look and feel of the book.

But it’s well past its final stage and has officially been printed and on its way to my shelves to be able to share with you all.

Titled Ready, Set, Run!, this children’s book is all about encourage toddlers and little ones to be healthy and active. And this is done so by running!

Ready, set, run!


This children’s book takes a playful approach to being active. It teaches children the action of running, and that exercise really is a good time when combined with imagination.

In this book, the main character uses his imagination to pretend to be a fast race car, running around town and having fun. The book teaches toddlers action words like “stop” and “go,” as well as what it means to go “fast” and “slow.”


At the heart of Ready, Set, Run is teaching toddlers how to run—a playful activity that children embrace without thinking of it as exercise—while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

To celebrate its upcoming release, Ready, Set, Run! is now available as an eBook exclusively for Amazon Kindle.

This means Kindle Fire users can download the eBook, as well as those with the Kindle app for iOS and Android.

Physical copies of the book are expected to start shipping within a month. I will update my followers when I know a more concrete date to also provide pre-orders.

Click here to get the eBook version of Ready, Set, Run! now.


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