Brooks Brings New Running Shoes To You Within 24-Hours

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Brooks is bringing new running shoes to customer’s feet—or should we say in customer’s hands—with its newly launched delivery partnership.

The running shoe and apparel company launched its new same-day delivery service on Thursday to 10 lucky markets including New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Seattle.

To bring new running shoes in just 24-hours to its customers, Brooks teamed up with the company Locally, which helps stores fulfill orders via tactics like in-store pickup and same-day delivery.


The two also partnered with local running stores in its launch cities. brooks 2

How Brooks Delivery Service Works

Lucky customers in the select cities can order their new pair of Brooks running shoes directly from the website,

However, the customer needs to search through which options are available at their local running store using the Locally software. This means that not every pair is available for the 24-delivery service.

It’s that running store that fulfills the order, with delivery by Postmates or Deliv, partners of Locally.

There is a delivery fee, and this varies based on how close the customer lives from the store. This could be as low as $5.

It might be a small price to pay to be able to have a pair of Brooks at the doorstep, sometimes within hours.

brooks 3

Brooks Same-Day Delivery Service Locations

The full list of citifies includes Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington.

If your city is sadly not on the list, just be patient. Locally will soon expand the program to an additional 25 cities.

Depending on how this initial launch goes, the two companies will determine whether or not to offer the delivery service to more markets across the U.S.


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