How To Find Energy To Exercise When Pregnant


Women know the importance of continuing to work out during pregnancy. But we are faced with two major problems:

1. Not having enough affordable maternity activewear options.

2. Not having the energy to exercise when pregnant.

It’s hard enough to find the energy to exercise normally. Now imagine growing a tiny human. That in itself is exhausting. But there are ways to somehow conger up that extra push of motivation to make it out the door.

This pregnant fitness lover somehow fits the time to exercise at least twice a week. That’s on top of caring for a toddler, freelancing at two different companies and keeping on top of this blog and my other creative ventures. Not to mention all the cooking, cleaning, and other housework that needs to get done each day.

This doesn’t make me superwoman. It just means I am really good at time management. I know what is important to me, what absolutely needs to get done, and complete tasks based off of this.

Here are the best tips when it comes to finding the energy to exercise when pregnant. 


Workout Before You Change Your Mind

I know that I must exercise in the morning or the chances of me doing so later in the day are slim to none. So before I go to bed I think of whether or not it is a rest day the next day.

If it’s not, I start planning my workout. This includes taking a class at the gym that sounds appealing or opting for a short run.

Then when I wake up, I dress immediately in my workout clothes.

I also know that being pregnant means I deserve—and need—the rest days and have no problems being lazy on the couch when I can.

Don’t Push It Too Hard

I no longer push myself during workouts as I used to pre-pregnancy. That means no more long runs. Instead, I am clocking 1-3 miles. (There are some women who can continue to run long distance, and that is awesome! For me, this pregnancy, I’m all about short miles and slow pace. Do what works for you!)

It also means opting for a spin class where I can control my own speed and resistance instead of going to the full-body HIIT classes I love that was leaving me too exhausted.

Exercising when pregnant is amazing and should feel good. It should release that stress, and help maintain your health and general fitness. It shouldn’t feel like you took on too much or like you’re going to die.

Don’t push the pace.

Make exercising while pregnant something to look forward to, not a chore.


Get Enough Sleep

I find that after I complete a really good workout I need a nap. Okay, food first then a nap.

So if I can, I take one. Getting enough rest is important when pregnant. Take care of yourself and your precious cargo but getting in those extra Z’s.

Busy like I am? Make time for it in your schedule. Even if it is just lounging on the couch for the rest of the afternoon before dinner, it’s something. Put those feet up and relax. You earned it.

Just Go For A Walk

There are days where I have zero plans to exercise and find myself doing so anyway. My toddler enjoys being outside and often asks to hop in the jogging stroller.

So on these days when I’m not feeling up for a run, I just walk. I immediately feel good and as the minutes past, I even find myself getting into a brisk rhythm and sometimes even decide to jog after all.

Walking is still a form of exercise, so take that leisurely stroll and count it as a job well done.


Don’t Think Of It As A Workout 

Trick your mind into thinking you aren’t exercising. Instead, find activities that are geared more for fun than for exercise. This includes summing this summer or going out dancing with friends.

Even cleaning the house can count since chances are you are working up a sweat. Make sure to squat with good form when doing laundry.

When All Else Fails…Caffeine

Just don’t go chugging Red Bull.

Women are allowed a cup of coffee when pregnant. And I don’t know about you but I am a zombie the entire day if I don’t have my morning cup.

When you are struggling to find that extra ounce of energy to exercise when pregnant, sip on a nice cup of Joe before heading out to the gym. Even if it means doing some light weights or getting on the stationary bike with Starbucks in hand, so be it.

Conclusion: Energy Magically Appears During Exercise

The good news is getting out there is half the battle. You showed up and that’s what counts. Give yourself some credit, you are pregnant!

The funny thing is that even if you are dreading working up a sweat and have not one motivation bone in the body, energy to continue the exercise magically appears some way through the activity.

Thanks, endorphins! Once we are in the groove of the workout, we zone out and start to get into it. Put on that power playlist and get to moving. Chances are you will immediately start to feel that boost in mood, even if your body is still a little sluggish.

Just go slow and at your own pace and aim to finish that workout.

Then make sure to treat yourself for your efforts because you deserve it, mama.




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