Caterpy Laces Saves Us From This Common Running Shoe Problem

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Like many runners out there, I have a real running sneakers addiction. But this love for shoes led me to a major problem with a pair of Brooks: they just weren’t getting tied right.

I know the importance of getting properly fitted for a running shoe. After just being fitted a pair before, when my local running store had a sale I couldn’t pass up on a new pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10’s in white, black and teal.

The shoes fit perfectly in the store, but every time I ran in them I couldn’t tie them to the right tightness. While the shoe fit this Cinderella, I had a Goldilocks problem of the laces either being tied way too tight and fitting uncomfortably or too loose to that the shoe was slipping.

I could’ve returned them or played with different ways to lace them. But in the end, I just let them sit there in the box out of my weekly running shoe rotation.

That is until I got a pair of Caterpy laces.


Caterpy laces absolutely saved me from slipping out of my running shoes. And since I have been using the laces for many other pairs, it also solved my other common running shoe problem: always needing to tie my shoes.

What Are Caterpy Laces?


Having to stop and tie your shoes is a major annoyance among runners. And let’s face it, we’ve all been there—even during a race.

Invented in Japan by an avid marathon runner, Caterpy laces prevents this from ever happening again.

“[Its inventor] was annoyed of constantly dealing with shoelaces coming undone, being too tight/loose, and needing to readjust during a run,” Anthony Pong, Executive Director for Caterpy said.

Think of them as the no tie shoelaces.


The laces mimic a caterpillar in design. A pun on “caterpillar shoelaces” is where it gets its name from. Just think of Caterpy as the cuter version for a name.

The Design

Caterpy features elastic bumps that run along the entire shoestring.

“The idea started by tying little knots at each eyelet to hold the shoelace in place,” Pong said. “After many iterations, the elastic bumps became the final product.”

The design is quite brilliant. Each of the elastic bumps is small enough to fit through each of the holes, yet big enough to get “stuck” in each one.


The beauty of it is it thin and stretched for installation and when pulling to adjust like loosening or tightening.

“This design has three main advantages over normal knots,” Pong said. “First, you can adjust the tension at every eyelet row to create a customized fit for your feet. Secondly, you can take your shoes on and off without breaking the heel since our laces are elastic. Lastly, you avoid the choke point and point of failure caused by tying knots—especially when your feet naturally swell, knots essentially act as tourniquets.”

IMG_3753 2

This design then solves lots of problems runners face with their shoes: the need to tie them, adjusting the fit so they are tight or loose enough, plus keeping the heels in place to extend their shelf life.

Not only are these practical, but Caterpy laces look great too. This product comes in so many different colors from black, white, and ghost gray to more vibrant colors like flamingo pink, electric yellow, sea green, and citrus orange.

There are even fun prints like camouflage, zebra, and tie-dye.


Usability And Effectiveness

First and foremost, this product is easy to use. Just take off the existing laces and string the Caterpy lace. Pull through each hole in a crisscross motion. The consumer can make the laces as loose or tight as they think they need.

When all stringed up, the consumer has options on how to leave the laces. If there is just a little lace left on both side, they can just leave it sticking out. They don’t need to properly tie the laces.

This looks like a fashion statement and gives that cool factor when walking into the gym.


Another option is to cut the access laces. This is a great idea when using them on kids’ sneakers.

The consumer can also tuck the excess laces in so that nothing is hanging out. Or they can choose to tie them. Just keep in mind that there probably isn’t enough of the laces to loop and tie.

So do these laces really work?

This runner can vouch that once you use them once, you won’t be taking Caterpy laces off your running shoes.

As mentioned earlier, this product allowed me to customize my sneakers to better fit me since they weren’t slipping.

With so many great colors, I also got to customize the look of my sneakers.

But the best part is not having to tie my shoes. Caterpy laces solve the problem of potentially tripping on your shoelaces or having to stop mid-workout.

This makes it a great product for athletes, kids (who don’t know how to tie their shoes yet, and the elderly or disabled for can’t physically or mentally tie their shoes. Plus there is a great safety aspect to these, making them great for restaurant, hospital and warehouse settings where tripping and falling could lead to a serious injury.

The Bottom Line


To tie this all up in a nice bow, Caterpy laces are a game-changer for runners.

It allows runners to go worry-free about adjusting and retying shoes. It is a piece of gear runners don’t know they need until they try a pair for themselves.

Best of all is Caterpy laces are affordable with most colors available for $9.95 (the prints retail for $11.95).

That Runner Mom teamed up with Caterpy to give some of my followers the chance to win a pair of laces for free! Check out the giveaway and enter here.


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