Fitscope Is The Fitness App That Livestreams Instructor-Led Classes Virtually To Any Gym


Running on the treadmill can be so boring. But what if you were able to participate in an instructor-led class that helped motivate and guide you, all on your own time from your own gym?

Fitscope is the fitness app that is making this possible.


What Is Fitscope?

Fitscope livestreams instructor-led classes that are designed to be capable with personal equipment at home and all brands of equipment like treadmills, ellipticals and rowing machines at all gyms.

The classes are all streamed directly from the Fitscope studio located in Los Angeles to the app every weekday starting at 7:30 a.m. PT.

And with its newest update, Fitscope subscribers can also download a class to watch when offline. This new feature is exciting since users no longer need WiFi or Internet connection to watch a class. This makes using the treadmill in the basement or at a gym with spotty WiFi possible.

There is also the option to chose from more than 200 classes on-demand.

The idea is to be able to train with experienced instructors while making the most out of gym equipment. Think how faster you would run with someone guiding you through it. Even the elliptical workout becomes more structured to maximize calorie burn thanks to this app.

“Our philosophy is to maximize the workout you get for the time spent, subject to your fitness level,” Fitscope founder Ed Stansfield said.

The Classes

The app is changing the way we work out alone in the gym by allowing users to take along their very own personal trainers to walk them through workouts to be done using the equipment already there at the gym.

Think of it as a virtual personal trainer that comes to your gym with you.

Subscribers get to participate in a fitness class without adding on the class upgrades at their gym. Plus there are unique workouts that typically don’t have gym classes such as those done on an elliptical.

“The majority of Fitscope’s classes are equipment-based workouts—specifically designed HIIT workouts for all brands of indoor cycles, treadmills, ellipticals, and rowing machines,” Stansfield said.


While Fitscope does include instructor-led classes that do not require equipment like Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and strength training, it’s the equipment classes that make this app stand out among the sea of others in its genre.

The most unique include the classes for the elliptical and rowing.

This includes classes like a 40-minute HIIT workout on the elliptical, as well as a 20-minute low impact workout and a workout for beginners.

There are even themed elliptical workouts like one set to 70s and one to country music.

Never did this fitness enthusiast think about following a class when on the elliptical, but I am so glad this is even an option.

The instructor walks gym-goers through what it feels like to be on a flat road with no resistance while managing breathing.

At the same time, heart rate is working during this warm-up and the athlete is then taken through how to build through resistance and how the body should feel and be working through the movements.

These classes make the workout fly by, which is great when motivation is already not that great.

The only criticism here is the choice of music for some of the workouts that made me wish I could skip to the next song.

The treadmill classes are this runner’s favorite, simply because running is my go-to activity. Now I can run at my home treadmill and feel like I am still at the gym with Fitscope.



Classes for the treadmill help add structure to my runs instead of aimlessly playing with incline and speed to combat boredom.

My only suggestion with these is having outdoor runs as well, but this is a feature the Fitscope team may expand on in the feature.

The yoga classes are another favorite of mine, done at home at my own time. Since I don’t practice too often, I prefer the structure of a class to know what moves to go into next.

The same goes for strength training classes, which I also prefer to do at home. Here I can get in a quick full today toning workout or focus on a specific part like legs or arms.

The Instructors

Part of what makes these classes work so well is the instructors that lead them. Go to any fitness class and you probably know the instructor either makes or breaks it.

There is an impressive lineup of instructors including endurance coach Antonio Rosales and Meghan Grim who is certified in barre, spin, TRX, and circuit training, and leads marathon training groups in the L.A. area.

“We look for highly credentialed and popular trainers leading classes typically at boutique fitness studios in the L.A. area,” Stansfield added. “We also know users want variety in terms of music, instructors and interval techniques, so we work with our trainers to constantly create new and different workouts.”

This even includes low-impact activities that help with mobility and strength for seniors or those coming back from an injury like Tai Chi and Yoga.

How Fitscope Works

Download the Fitscope app for iOS and Android. The user sets up their account with email and password, which allows them to also access Fitscope for the web.

Users can enter their username and add a photo for further personalization.

The app is easy to navigate, with Featured classes, all the Classes, the Schedule, and Preloaded Videos all a tap away from the bottom.

Classes are separated by activity like cycling or rowing. Tap on the activity to get the full list of classes to chose from. Tap again on a class to start.

The Schedule tab brings up the live schedule of classes for the next few days. Tap on it to join the class.


Also access the live and upcoming classes from the Featured tab, as well as most recent in each category.

Once a class is selected, there is the option to Preload or download. These appear in the Preloaded tab.

Which is better? Live stream or preloaded classes?

“For now, live workouts are primarily for frequent users who crave new material and activities daily,” said Stansfield. “The on-demand classes section of the app has extensive sorting capabilities through the ‘Filter’ button, so it’s easy to find exactly the right workout in terms of the instructor, difficulty level, duration, music genre, etc.”

Who Is Fitscope For?


Fitscope is great for those just starting at the gym and needs workout ideas that are taught by a professional. This is especially the case for strength training when gym-goers might not know proper form.

It’s also great for those who are training for a big race and need to get some miles down on the treadmill and want to beat boredom.


The app is tailored for those who are older or back from an injury with low-impact guided workouts.

It’s also for gym rats who are looking to spice things up, as well as those who want to make the most of their home exercises.

“The important thing is for the user to squeeze a workout into their busy day, so we try to make it as easy and efficient as possible,” Stansfield said.

Fitscope Studio is available for iOS and Android. It’s free to download but does require a monthly membership of $9.99.

However, That Runner Mom has teamed up with Fitscope Studio to get the app into your hands for free.

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