This Is What It’s Like To Do Mommy And Me Yoga

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With a toddler I often find myself doing a whole lot of OMMMM and Woosha breathing techniques throughout any given day. I also find myself getting into poses like reaching down to pick up toys and curling up in fetal position to avoid getting kicked in my sleep.

But in all seriousness, although the times I practice yoga is few and far in between, for some reasons real yoga poses have stuck with my son.

He already has mastered downward facing dog, a common one I have done in front of him (in which he tends to do when watching his shows on my phone when on the floor).

This is why when a free mommy and me yoga session was being held at a fitness event I just had to try it with my toddler.


Yoga Expectations vs Reality

I expected his attention span to be that of a 2-year-old but was pleasantly surprised at how well he paid attention, listened and followed instructions.

My expectations were that he would half listen and I would help him through movements.

I also expected that I would be doing a lot more yoga myself than I did.

In reality, it was more about guiding my toddler and interacting with him with getting a few poses in.

But I was not disappointed. I have rolled out my yoga mat to get some stretches and poses in at home, but in no way shape or form consider myself a yogi. I do think my son has watched me and already picked up on some of the poses which helped in the class.

This is what is it really like to do mommy and me yoga

For starters, it wasn’t stressful like I thought it might be.

I wasn’t chasing him to get back onto the mat or shhhing him to not break everyone’s zen.

Mommy and me yoga was peaceful, fun, and great bonding activity. I got to share my passion for health and fitness with my son presented in a unique and engaging way.

I think it really has to do with the child and the type of yoga class offered. This class was offered by Yoga Peace Kula, which is a nonprofit yoga studio located in Howell, NJ during the Healthy Mom, Happy Mom event put together by Mother Runner Events and Jersey Stroller Moms.


The event was to get local moms to meet other local moms while focusing on well-being, both body and mind.

We were outside at Oak Glen Park, sun warmly smiling down as little ones sat on yoga mats eating cold ice cream on the hot summer day.

The class began and was focused more on the children. The friendly instructor taught the kids how to breathe deeply using pinwheels. They were instructed to smell it like a flower, breathing in through their nose and to blow out to make it move with their mouths.


Then we did some poses, using music and dancing. The little ones were showed how to stand tall in Tree Pose and be strong in Warrior.


This wasn’t done at the studio so it’s hard to tell how much actual yoga is done when taking a full class. I did get to do all the poses alongside my toddler, leading him through them.

I got to witness him really being present and listening to the instructor. He had fun dancing and reaching up high to the sky.

The best part for me and a mom was to encourage a healthy activity, showing that exercise is fun–even though I didn’t really work up a sweat or stretch as much as I would like to.

I absolutely recommend mommy and yoga classes to do with your toddler to promoting that active and healthy lifestyle and doing something together.

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