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Running during pregnancy is beneficial for both mamas and baby. It helps keep our weight in check, is great for mental health and reduces the risk of gestational diabetes. There is even research that suggests it can reduce heart defects in babies. The only thing that gets in our way—besides lack of energy some days and “all day” morning sickness early on—is finding the right maternity workout clothes. And things are so much harder in the spring and summer when we really need running shorts.

It is extremely hard to find maternity running shorts. Forget looking in stores because the options are few and far in between. The problem is when shopping online, it’s hard to find a brand you can trust (those cheap looking maternity running shorts on Amazon aren’t cutting it), plus knowing the right size and fit. Forget being pregnant, it’s hard enough for average runners to find running shorts that stay in place, won’t ride up, are comfortable and affordable. Then throw a growing baby bump, expanding hips and bigger thighs to the mix and it’s easy to feel doomed.

That Runner Mom has been avidly shopping around for the best of the best maternity shorts so expecting moms know exactly where to look and which ones to buy.

Senita Athletics

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Thanks to the suggestion of a Facebook running community, I was able to find the awesome running shorts made by Senita Athletics. Created by two mothers and athletes, this brand provides consumers with high-quality fitness apparel that won’t break the bank.

Senita Athletics sells workouts shirts, leggings, sports bras, and shorts. The maturity Rio shorts have a 5-inch inseam. It goes over the belly and provides support. The fabric is soft and comfortable, and there is even a side pocket. These run true to size, comes in three colors (I ordered mine in Ponderosa) and retails for $24.

Motherhood Maternity

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Motherhood Maternity is a good option for both buying in-store and online. Because this entire store is dedicated to maternity clothes, in general, it has wider options. However, while it does sell activewear, expect there to be just a few options. The leggings and workout shirts are great. And so are the shorts, but these are more like comfy, every day shorts for a casual look.

In store, the shorts are located with the activewear and lounge clothes. But online it is harder to find (search through the “shorts” to find). These are considered lounge maternity shorts, but are still perfect for walks outside, working out at the gym or just hanging out. They are affordable (under $25) but are also on sale. I was able to get them for as low as $10. These shorts fit under the belly and are soft. I wish there was a more moisture-wicking option sold here, but these are perfect for light jogs or walks.

Old Navy Active

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Old Navy has great workout clothes in general. Great fit, great prices, and great styles, the retailer often has big deals on its activewear. Wait to snag a good deal like 50% off items, or use that Old Navy cash or promo codes.

There are yoga shorts that have a 5-inch seam and go over the belly or can roll over the waist. These best-sellers are only $17.99. There is a much wider selection for leggings and capris. But another option to buy the lightweight shorts that aren’t maternity and size up. These shorts have a drawstring to be made tighter if the fit is too loose before your belly gets big.


PinkBlush is an online site that has the best dresses for gender reveals, maternity photo shoots, baby showers, and even every day looks. It also seems activewear, which is easy to find.

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This site has lots of options, with most being the kinds that folder the belly. But there is still over-the-belly options too. The shorts are available in cute colors including the basic black shorts that have a color block around the waist. The inseam is only 3-inches, so this a little shorter than other options. These shorts are more expensive than Old Navy, but with lots of options that are comfortable and stylish, it is a fair trade-off. Even still, for $39 it won’t break the bank.


Other options include Gap maternity shorts from its Gapfit athletic line. These are closer to $50, so it’s best to get them on sale. Athlete also has maternity workout clothes, but these are pricey
For those looking for the best pregnancy leggings, check out those from good body good mommy. These leggings have a built-in support belt and are designed by a runner (friend), so she really knows the needs of pregnant runners when it comes to their leggings.

If you have a favorite place to shop for maternity activewear, share in the comments!


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