Pregnancy Announcement Photo Idea Big Brother

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In honor of Mother’s Day, sharing what we did for our pregnancy announcement for baby #2!  We absolutely wanted to include our son who is being promoted to big brother.

Shirt: PenguinsPineapples | Etsy 

Calendar: SilverStorkStudio | Etsy 

Include your sonogram and any other touches!

For the background, I used a white, fury small rug from Hobby Lobby.


We shared both the home studio photo, as well as this big brother collage for our pregnancy announcement. I took a white crate we had and used it as a bench. My son was dressed in his brother shirt and posed with the sonogram picture.

Toddler photography is really hard— especially outside. Of course a 2-and-a-half-year-old if not going to sit still for long. It wasn’t long before he was running around. Be patient and find tricks to get him to look at the camera like bubbles (this requires a second pair of hands).

Think creatively about the kinds of shots. This makes it more fun, and less frustrating when the little one won’t cooperate. It also makes for amazing pictures when including close-ups and different angles.

Wishing all the mamas out there a very Happy Mother’s Day!


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