I Am Strong, I Am A Woman

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Today is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate and acknowledge all the powerful females in our lives and who have paved the way for us in education, careers, and sports.

It also is a reminder of our own self-worth and strength as a woman.

Women are extraordinary people. We are master jugglers, managing our homes, families, and careers. And that’s at the minimum. As runners, we throw in weekly training runs and other workouts. We rise early just to spend the entire morning getting those long miles in so that we can enjoy the rest of the day with our families. We stay up late to get on the treadmill after the little ones are tucked into bed–even when we wish we could too.

 I am strong because I am a woman.

And that strength is more than just the physical. I was taught by fearless females like my mom like no dream is out of reach. Just keep chasing it with hard work, dedication, and commitment. There is nothing I cannot do. This lesson has carried on to every aspect of my life, including my running. It has taken me across six half marathon finish lines and countless other races.

There is also strength in my physical. The long legs I hated as a child are my favorite part of me as an adult. They carry me miles and miles on all of life’s adventures.  I am thankful for my toned arms that help me carry my son and throw him in the air. The joy on his face is worth the effort. I even appreciate my core, even if though belly is more mushy and soft sometimes than what I want it to be. It has carried my son, my greatest accomplishment which more important to me than ever having a six-pack.

I am strong because I am a mother.

As mothers, we are caregivers, teachers, nurses, chefs, playmates and more. We sacrifice so much–more than just our bodies. It takes hard work with no days off or vacation from life. Being a parent can test your judgment, leave you feeling clueless and overwhelmed. But as mothers, we preserve and are able to somehow handle everything thrown at us and we embrace a role that is the most fulfilling one that we are ever so lucky to be given. Being a mother means being strong for another human even on days we feel like we aren’t. But to them, we will always be a superhero. And that is because we are.

We are strong. We are women.

It can be hard to be a woman. We are sometimes paid less, respected less, and stereotyped more. We face more societal pressure on how we should act, look and be. We are often defined by how gorgeous we look rather than how beautiful our minds are. We are expected to be so much, yet also put into a box.

Remember your strength today and always.  We can do anything because we are women.



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