Campfire S’mores GU Is What Running Nutrition Dreams Are Made Of


Runners, I have finally found a new energy gel flavor to get excited about. It’s called Campfire S’mores, and it tastes exactly how it sounds. Expect that initial creamy chocolately-ness followed by clouds of caramel with that hint of graham cracker without the crunch. It’s basically made to be enjoyed while exploring through the great outdoors.

Created by GU Energy Labs, the flavor Campfire S’Mores is perfect for those GU Chocolate Outrage fans who are getting sick of always having the same flavor. There is still that predominant chocolate taste, but it is mild and matches very well with the marshmallow that isn’t too overpowering—or most importantly—too sweet.

GU Energy Labs sells so many flavors and some sound really good in theory. But after trying, it falls short on the mark, often being too sweet and more nauseating than delicious.

With that said, GU products are my favorite and work best for my needs—and my stomach. I just learned to stick to the single fruit flavors, or now go-tos Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Outrage.

Looking to switch things up and spice up my flavors without straying too much from what I know and like, I decided to dabble in this flavor and I am happy that I did.


The Taste

GU’s Campfire S’Mores is one of those flavors you really hope doesn’t disappoint because it just sounds straight up tasty, so you take a chance on purchasing. After getting to try it during this morning’s 10-miler training run, I can report it lives up to its name, being exactly what you dreamed of it being.

This includes that explosion of chocolate at first bite—or slurp?—that isn’t too powerful, but has the perfect amount of creaminess. Then comes that marshmallow burst that slides into the taste buds at the perfect time. I want to say there is a hint of graham cracker, but I don’t know if this is more in my head because of the name or if it was just a sprinkle of flavor. It’s the chocolate and marshmallows that stand out and as a s’mores fan I’m not mad at it.

This GU tastes so good that I actually look forward to my next long run so I can consume it.

The Facts

The good news is that Campfire S’mores has no caffeine. The bad news is that Campfire S’mores has no caffeine.

For some, this is a good thing since the caffeine and sugar combo leaves them with a churning stomach. For others, they like that extra boost in energy for their performance. I am among the latter group but have also found myself in the first group. I will say that I only needed one GU for my 10 mile run of 1:43 minutes, whereas I would typically have two. This is mainly to the fact I actually ate breakfast before, a superhero muffin from the Run Fast. Eat Slow cookbook. This filled me and provided me without enough energy for the first 5 miles. While I typically follow the GU every 30-45 minutes of running, I also have been running long enough to listen to my body and know how I feel. With that said, I’ve also been the situation where I felt fast and fine and skipped a GU and then regretted it when I started to crash. Do what is best for your running needs and use training runs to figure out what works before race day.

Here are the nutrition facts for 1 packet:

Calories: 100
Total Fat: 0.5g
Total Carb: 22g
Sugars 7g
Protein: 0g
Remember that energy gels are intended for those who run longer than 45 minutes. Follow the instructions and properly hydrate before and during the run, especially when consuming.

Runners need to carbs and sugar to replenish their glucose stores. These are not intended for short runs or just for a snack. The amount of gels needed during long distance runs varies based on the runner.

Why Buy This Flavor


Besides tasting amazing, this option is also helping defending public land, one bite at a time. GU Energy Labs is donating 10 percent of sales to The Conservation Alliance Public Lands Defense Fund. The Alliance is a group of outdoor industry businesses, created in 1989 by The North Face, REI and Patagonia, and Kelty with the goal to protect wild places “for their habitat and recreation values.”

At its core, it’s a great product from consistency to flavor and behind. Nothing says outdoors more than breathing in that fresh air and whipping out those campfire s’mores—even if it’s just for the long run.


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