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Toddler Boy Bedroom: Disney Cars Themed

“I am speed.”

This is among the many phrases that repeat constantly in the background at my house. That’s because my son is obsessed with the move Disney Cars 3—and the entire series. He asks to watch it daily and won’t leave the house without one of the countless cars he has from the movie. So when thinking about redecorating his room it seemed like a no-brainer what our theme would be.


Upon turning 2 I realized it was time to get rid of the grey and seafood green color scheme and decorations in his nursery. In an attempt to get him sleeping on his own (co-sleeper mom right here) we moved his crib into our room moons ago. So it was time to get this violent sleeper into his own bed and the transition into the crib days have long past. At the heart of the room is his big boy bed, a red Lightning McQueen. The idea was that he will get excited to go in it and want to actually sleep in his own bed.

What I like about the bed is that is low to ground and still almost mimics a crib in the fact that he is guarded on all sides and isn’t tall enough to jump out just yet. It fits a toddler mattress and is designed to transition into a full bed. The front of the bed (the hood) opens for toy storage. This part is removed when converting into a full.


I purchased Cars sheets and the quilted blanket set from Pottery Barn Kids. I love the way the bed turned out and my son loves jumping in for story time (with Cars books).


Since my son has almost every toy from Cars, I used some of them to accent the room. These serve as decorations and actual toys he loves to play with like the Mack truck and talking Cruz.


We purchased a red and white wardrobe from Ikea and got rid of his nursery dresser that was past down from a friend. This made his room look bigger without bulky furniture and addressed the lack of closet space issue.

I was able to keep the white and grey shag carpet and upgraded to grey curtains purchased on Amazon.

After repainting with the color “Glacier White,” I used reusable character stickers purchased from Amazon on the walls.



I downloaded Cars art from Easy and printed them at my local Walgreens and hung in frames purchased from Hobby Lobby.


Also from Hobby Lobby was the signage hung on the walls as more decorative pieces.

Other touches included a stop light from Amazon and toy bin from Target’s Cars bedroom line.


My son loves his “big boy” room and we now refer to it as the “Lightning McQueen” room.


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