What It’s Like To Fundraise For A Race

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It is a huge accomplishment to prepare both mentally and physically for a race and reach that goal. But there is something about fundraising for a race and meeting that target amount that outshines the feeling of crossing any finish line.

I’ve run in four half marathons, a handful of 10k and countless 5ks in my running journey thus far. They all consisted of paying the registration fee and running the event. There were times where I would donate extra towards whatever cause the race is supporting. But I’ve never specifically raised money for a free race entry or as a fundraiser on top of my entry. But doing so has completely changed my outlook on racing.

Be The Match

My family and I are currently raising money for Be The Match, a non-profit that helps save lives through marrow and umbilical cord blood transplants. The non-profit organization holds its Be The Match Walk and Run every year in cities throughout the U.S. to raise money to help patients with the cost for care such as hospital stays, testing and prescriptions, for medical research and to cover the cost to add potential marrow donors.

Team Butterflies

It can go unsaid that every cause that raises money at running events are all worthy causes. But this one hits close to home.


My mom recently found out she has a rare form of T-cell blood cancer a few months ago. I could only imagine that hearing this type of news causes the floor to crumble underneath your feet. Of course, she has bad days where she is tired and just feels bad—both physically and mentally. But my mom the strongest person I know, refusing this news to stop her from putting up a fight. She stands tall and continues to rise over and beyond any obstacle that life throws her way. She is resilient.

We recently found out that her cancer has not progressed and the doctors are just monitoring it for now before any treatment options are on the table.

A butterfly is graceful and delicate. It dances it the wind, flapping its wings with elegance. A butterfly is definitely my mom’s spirit animal. And it makes sense since she in love with these creatures. While also a sign or transformation and resurrection, this is a perfect symbol for going through a major life change and coming out of the other side stronger than ever.

This is why we decided to create a team for the walk/run, Team Butterflies.

As a runner, there was no way I could’ve skipped over competing in this 5k. So I gathered together my family and friends to walk, run and stroll (my little guy is coming, too!) for 2018 Be The Match Walk and Run in New York this Saturday.

How To Fundraise For A Race

For the number of races I run, it’s a good thing that I don’t always hit up my loved ones for a donation. While it’s for a good cause, it’s not in my nature to beg or to always hit up people for money. But I knew that this cause means so much to me and my family, so I held nothing back and shared our story on Facebook.

The outpour of love and well wishes was heartwarming. My close family, college friends, and running group friends all did what they could to help. Every dollar made us that much closer to reaching our goal.

We decided on going for $1,000 goal. This seemed ambitious to me in the beginning, but we quickly found ourselves with about $300 raised in just a week. Things slowed down, but I politely reminded friends on Facebook once or twice. I made sure to share the direct link on how and where to donate. I had my teammates share these posts with their networks. We emailed family members and friends to invite them to join our cause. Some signed up with us, others donated.


Fundraising is all about word of mouth. Spread the word, putting the use of all our social media accounts to good use. Walk about your neighborhood to ask neighbors, and bring thank yous like fresh baked cookies. For our team, we made race day shirts to thank them for helping us reach our goal. It also serves as a way to show my mom we are her army and together we stand to help lift her up.

Then with three days still to go, we hit our fundraising goal. We now raised $1,075 and couldn’t be more proud of our efforts. Last night thinking about this journey made me so thankful for the help of others. My heart beamed with pride in reaching our goal and doing something selfless that will be used to help those in need. It didn’t take much to make this possible, and it’s something I most certainly will continue to do for causes that mean this much to me.

Organizations like Be The Match are so important because most patients who need a transplant don’t have a family member that is a match. This means they need resources like Be The Match to find that donor that could save their life.

There is still time to donate to continue to help us make a difference for those who need it. Those who would like to can check out our fundraising page here.


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