Campfire Fall Photoshoot

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When we think of fall we think of the changing leaves, browns and amber. We think of snuggling around the fire—whether snuggling on the couch or roasting s’mores by the campfire. So when it comes to fall photography, creating a campfire scene is simply adorable.

We have a close friend who is an amazing photographer, but currently taking a break to focus on her family.  After browsing on Pinterest and seeing teepee photo shoots for babies, she had the idea to get our kids together and snap some photos. I cannot take any credit for coming up with the scene, or taking the photos and capturing the light perfectly. What I can take credit for is this adorable little boy.


What You Need:

  • Teepee for toddlers:

I love this Little Bear option from Asweets Kids.

  • Photo props

I purchased a log plush pillow from Amazon.

There is also this adorable fire plush set, which my son was obsessed with during the shoot.


We also used lanterns that can be purchased from anywhere, but these weren’t the best ideas with toddlers trying to play with them.

I advise bringing lots of snacks to bribe them to smile and stay as still as possible to at least catch one good shot. My son just woke up from a nap, was cranky and cried over wearing hat props and not being able to hold the fire, so these photos were all taking in between tears. You just need a few good ones!


Check out our campfire photoshoot below!

My son is wearing: Tiny Threads Clothing Jude Romper.

Moccasins from Amazon.





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