Goodr Glasses Are So Damn Good: Review Of The Best Running Sunglasses


Buying a pair of Goodr glasses was one of the best decisions I’ve made when it comes to purchasing running gear. Yeah, they are that damn good.

And no, I am not paid by the company to say this or write a positive review. I am an everyday customer who heard good things about the product, tried it for myself, and is so pleased with its performance that I feel like it’s my duty as a running blogger to inform others so they don’t miss out or waste their time and money on another option.

These swanky sunnies are what my running coach called “flashy” when it comes to color, and it performs as well as they look. In short, Goodr glasses won’t slip or slide on the bridge of the nose, are lightweight and comfortable, are affordable and best of all comes in awesome color options.

 “Electric Dinotopia Carnival” chilling poolside. Photo Credit: That Runner Mom

Goodr Glasses Are Made For Running

Go on any running forum or social media thread and Goodr glasses are among the most frequently recommended. Created in 2015, Goodr glasses has sprinted on by to become one of the most talked about brands for running gear. So much so that Olympian long-distance runner Kara Goucher is the face of the “Stop And Smell The Rose” color that is part of the newly launched Runway Goodrs collection.

“Breakfast Run To Tiffany’s”  taking a bench break. Photo Credit: That Runner Mom

Wear a pair of these puppies once during a run and you will see what a game changer they are. First and foremost, all Goodr glasses are polarized. These means there is no glare, increased visibility when running in the sunlight, and less eye strain. The sunglasses also are equipped with UV400 protection, which blocks harmful UVA and UVB Rays. Plus the lenses are tinted and are scratch resistant.

While the health benefits are important, comfort is key for runners. These glasses are lightweight and extremely comfortable. Soft to the touch, there is no weird poking or prodding around the ears. They pretty much go unnoticed, and will not bounce or move around at all during a run—and I mean even when sprinting. Best of all is the fact that these babies aren’t sliding down the bridge of the nose. Nope, no nose is a slippery slope even when sweating. This is because of the special coating of the glasses that give it that grip needed.

“Makeup Time with Clifford” from the BFG collection which has wider frames, longer arms, and bigger lenses. Photo Credit: That Runner Mom

Goodr Glasses Won’t Break The Bank

Function and performance aside (in which these score big 10s in), Goodr glasses are sold for such an attractive price. A pair ranges from $25-$35, making it a steal for those who tend to splurge a bit when it comes to running apparel, shoes, and accessories. The price is right for runners on a budget, as well as runners who feel like they might lose a pair of more expensive running glasses. Or worse, break them in a gym bag. However, I can contest that these glasses are built so well that never has a lens popped out or side become bent.

With just the right price point, runners don’t have to feel bad about picking up more than one pair at a time.


Goodr Glasses Look Great…And Now Glamorous

Which is the next reason why Goodr glasses are so bomb—because they are fire when it comes to the color selection. The hardest part of shopping for Goodrs is deciding on which color to get. Some are all one color like the all green “Dat Dank Easter Basket Grass” or the all black “A Ginger’s Soul.” Others are two-toned like the popular “Flamingos On A Booze Cruise” that consists of pink frames with blue lenses or the white and blue “Iced By Yetis.”

And Goodr just released a new line called the Runway Goodrs as mentioned above, which features a cat eye design. This is the first time running sunglasses really got a fashionable twist, allowing runners to wear them from the track to strutting their stuff around town. “Breakfast Run To Tiffany’s” is a must-have for any fashionista runner, whereas Schrödinger’s Saigon Jade is a great option for those who wish “Electric Dinotopia Carnival” was still available.

“Breast Run To Tiffany’s” Photo Credit: That Runner Mom

The Runway glasses feature new “Cat Tongue Technology” for anti-slipping and all the same great features.

And if you couldn’t already tell, Goodr is all about having fun. The range in color options are great, but the names of the glasses are even better. Reading through the site or their emails is always a fun experience, so kudos to their creative team.

The Cons: Not All That And A Bag Of Chips

The only real con that should be mentioned is the fact the polarized tint depending on the color of the lens can impact what the wearer sees, so some of them aren’t best for driving. Other runners report having issues with the lenses coming out, but the company is great about shipping out replacement pairs for damages.


Goodr has bought a fun, fashionable and extremely functional pair of sunglasses for runners in a market that is typically filled with expensive options that make many shy away from. With vibrant colors and a design that is tailor-made to fit the needs of runners, Goodr glasses are the best gawrsh darn glasses to buy.

Shout out to Carl, the Flamingo. Photo Credit: That Runner Mom

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