Sparta Rev It Up 10k Race Recap


This weekend was all about running, having not one, but two races planned. First up was the Rev up Up! 5k/10k located in Sparta, New Jersey. I adjusted my half marathon training plan accordingly so that I wouldn’t be missing my mileage by swapping out this week and the week before, which recommended running a 10k.

So bright and early on Saturday, my sister, son and myself packed up the car and heading up north to get our run on. My sister ran the 5k, not only am I so proud of her, but I am also so grateful she came along for the ride. I got to run alongside her for just about the entire first mile before I took off and continued on the 10k course. It was her first race in a long time, and she killed it considering how hot it was and especially how hilly it was.


Let me say that I love the heat, sun and summer like temperature, but just not when I’m running. So to say the 80 degree heat was a bit challenging is to say the least. Mostly because of the steep hills we climbed. Mind you I did this all while pushing my son in the jogging stroller, the only person on the 10k course who did so. I must admit there were times climbing uphill where I thought I was crazy and needed to really dig deep and push. But there were so many runners (mostly women) along the way who cheered me on, letting me know how strong I am for doing this race with a stroller. I felt like a badass and used that to fuel myself forward.

I kept up a great pace that I am pleased with throughout the race, minus the hills which were a set up time wise, but still happy with how I handled them as well. Twice I had to pull back, slow down and walk, but regrouped and made sure I made up for that time.

It was a gorgeous day, the second day in a row with hot temperatures. I am happy I had my new Goodr sunglasses on—which I highly recommend. I am also happy I had a water bottle in the stroller since I did have to reach for it in between the water stations. The course was scenic, on the road in the mountainside, giving me a feeling like I was in the country. I am happy I had music with me since I originally planned not to—something I would’ve really regret. I needed something to take the distraction away.

My son sis a great job too, taking in the sights for most of the race before knocking out to sleep at the last mile.

I had not officially run a 10k race before. It has been about 3 years from my last 10k that was a virtual race I did on the treadmill with a time of 1:17. I have since then run this distance, but as a training run. My goal was to get as close to an hour as possible. I finished at 1:10:14, which I am super proud of considering how challenging this race was and the fact I did so while pushing a stroller!

I am half crazy for driving over an hour to a race, but was happy I got to experience with my family and have a healthy memory of our fitness ventures.


My son couldn’t wait to run around once he was up and out of the stroller. Just like mommy, we had a runner on our hands. Have to start them young!

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 2.11.39 PM


Official Time: 1:10:14

Distance: 6.2 miles

Avg. Pace: 11:19

Relive ‘Rev it Up Sparta’



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